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About Sky Premium

Sky Premium International is the first members’ exclusive privilege services club developed to enrich the lives of members across the globe.
At Sky Premium, we live to create a truly fulfilling experience for our valued members. We do this through the Four Pillars of Good Living – Travel, Wine & Dine, Shopping and Wellness. Every Sky Premium moment is thoughtfully curated by our Good Life tastemakers and panel advisors.
When you join us as a Sky Premium member, you step into a world of exclusive privileges and personalised services. With over 200 unique brand partners, we take the guesswork out of dining and vacationing, so you can focus on the pure joys in life.
Harnessing the synergies of the team creativity and technology platform, we bring you handpicked recommendations. All year round, all with one card — discover life’s treasures that await you. The Good Life beckons.