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Advantage Pilates

Advantage Pilates is a pilates studio whose mission is to encourage everyone to work out without the fear of judgement, intimidation or pressure. The studio advocates an enjoyable fitness experience for all, regardless of age, size, fitness level and gender. The studio helps you work towards health goals like balance, strength, flexibility and mobility at a comfortable pace, while being there for you every step of the way.

Advantage Pilates boasts one-on-one sessions that are customised to target your specific goals. The studio also offers introductory group equipment and matwork classes that are beginner-friendly and suitable for the silver generation. Class types include:

Private and semi-private sessions: Customised sessions using various pilates apparatuses to help you reach your movement and wellness goals.

Prenatal Pilates: Gentle pilates exercises that prepare the body for childbirth and motherhood.

Gentle Pilates Gold: Gentle group equipment classes suitable for people aged 50 years and above.

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