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Angsana Maison-Souvannaphoum

Step into a mansion fit for royalty. Sail down the Mekong. Venture into local villages. Watch a traditional loom weave silk. Walk along corridors once belonging to Laos’ four-time Prime Minister Prince Souvanna Phouma and taste the life of a royal in your stately room. Feel the pull of a spiritual existence as you live your days in Luang Prabang. Listen to the evening song of Laotian monks clothed in vibrant orange as they chant their daily prayers. Walk to a restaurant or ride a bike, and return to the heritage building that is Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel. Its refined blend of French colonial architecture, embellished with native motifs, welcomes you to the culture and spiritual center of Laos.

Enter where the late Prince Souvanna Phouma lived. Stay in an elegant blend of colonial French and native Laotian designs. Discover the mystery of a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Rumble down dirt paths to local villages. Step over ancient temple thresholds. Dive into cool waterfall pools. Cruise down the Mekong. Discover an enchanting allure at Angsana Maison Souvannaphoum Hotel. 

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