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Angsana Tengchong Hot Spring Resort

Nestled in Tengchong, Yunnan in Southwest China and home to one of China’s most famous volcanic mountainous region, Angsana Tengchong hotel is the first hot spring destination retreat in China and is an ideal getaway for couples and holiday makers. Surrounded by lush greenery of forests, farmlands and geo-thermal pools, Angsana Tengchong ⋅ Hot Spring Village offers 43 Hot Spring outdoor pools, and 37 beautifully designed accommodations. Experience the ultimate tranquil holiday retreat at Angsana Tengchong ⋅ Hot Spring Village. Explore the scenic Beihai marshlands, sample authentic mouthwatering Yunnan and Cantonese delights, and unwind the evening at our award-winning Angsana Tengchong Hot Springs Spa.

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