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Bali, Spa Village Resort Tembok 4D3N

Dawn rises and an indigo curtain of stars is drawn back from the sky, exposing a dramatic landscape of soaring peaks that sweep down across grassy lowlands to the black volcanic sand that kisses the blue of the Bali Sea. 

You are in Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali, and the day has just begun. This peaceful spa resort is a unique Bali escape tucked away on the tip of the island's northeastern coast. Discover Tembok, where epic stories lurk in its history and a raw natural beauty is evident in its simple landscape.

Be amazed by the sheer beauty of the island’s geographical wonders and let its magic permeate your life-weary soul with fulfilling experiences of The Authentic Bali. Honour the healing culture of the region as you indulge in complimentary daily spa treatments at the resort and in-house activities like starlight gazing, sunrise or sunset cruise of your choice. A haven of wellness, it’s the perfect place for relaxation, recovery and self-discovery.

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