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Da Nang Naman Retreat 3D2N

For you who crave something bold and unique, and desire to awaken your senses, slip away to the 5-star resort Naman Retreat & Residences. Experience a magical retreat surrounded with timeless blends of Vietnamese culture and luxurious modern charm.

Your journey of “Being. Consciousness. Bliss.” unfolds in a world of rejuvenating yoga, beach meditation, spa, massage, hiking, biking and more… Enrich your trip with a wellness cooking class and savour Naman Retreat’s delights under the guidance of the chef on duty.

Da Nang is famed for its pristine picturesque beaches and clear blue waters. This third largest city of Vietnam has become one of the hottest destinations for both adventure and culture seekers with its perfect mix of modern and traditional touches. Located in the central of Vietnam along the coastline, dig deeper into Da Nang and you’ll find a city of surprises waiting to be discovered.

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