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FIRE is an authentic Argentinian restaurant borne from the love for Argentinian culture, produce and the sacred Asado. Housed at the summit of ION Orchard under ATICO's roof, FIRE sets to be the heart and beacon of Argentinian culture in Asia.

The pride and passion of FIRE ─ as the name suggests ─ is undoubtedly in their dedication to the art of the most primal and elemental form of cooking with fire. From chapa, parrilla, rescoldo to caldero, FIRE specialises in a variety of Argentine wood-fired cooking techniques. The restaurant uses a curated selection of woods, including apple, oak and almond, to fuel the fires and add soulful flavours to their show-stopping cuisine.

Dishes made with fresh produce and full flavours are harmoniously interpreted with a modern, international sensibility by the creative signature of ATICO’s culinary development team and anchored by a passion to share ─ a spirit that is distinctly South American.

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