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Hyuuga strives to bring out the best of nature for your well-being through therapeutic and sustainable products. Handcrafted with the art of ancient healing, their products are 100% natural grade with no chemicals or synthetics. These include a range of essential oils, sanitizers and natural mist sprays.

The brand name Hyuuga (日向), meaning "towards the sun”, was inspired by the magical moment of watching a sunrise or sunset, when our senses are in tune with nature.

We may not seize or stop time, but our olfactory memory can draw us back to the moment when life touches us. Likewise, Hyuuga’s creations are imbued with the ability to awaken one’s soul using scent and craft.

In this fast-paced world, Hyuuga aspires to cohabit with nature. To energise, revitalise and give hope through their products ─ like all lifeforms appreciating the gifts from the sun.

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