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Chase Away Your Travel Blues with a Belmond Holiday in 2021!

Aug 04 2020 - Blog

With most of our plans for the year coming to a complete halt, everyone is anticipating a better year in 2021. The yearning thought of a relaxing vacation cosies in the back of our minds.

Introducing luxury travel ─ a great way to enjoy enriching and authentic experiences. After months cooped up at home, the novelty of exploring a new land in tailor-made comfort is just what we need to spark wonder in our lives again. Just imagine the comfortable and elegant interiors, the fine-dining gourmet meals, the top-notch service by sincere staff… all personalised to your preferences.

When it comes to the world of luxury travel, Belmond Group is a pioneer and leading expert. Belmond joined LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton in April 2019, reinforcing its place among the international leaders in luxury. Their luxury travel collection includes one-of-a-kind hotels, trains, river cruises and safari lodges in stunning destinations across the globe.

Today, let Sky Premium show you five amazing luxury resorts by Belmond to bookmark for your 2021 Southeast Asia getaway.

Five Southeast Asia Getaways to Start Planning Now


Luang Prabang is a charming little town tucked away in a paradise of mountain vistas and cloud forests. A destination of rich history, explore the multicultural streets of French colonial homes, Buddhist shrines, and royal classics. Immerse yourself in the tropical life by taking a dip in the glistening emerald waters of Luang Prabang’s natural gem, the Kuang Si Falls. A destination like no other, a native cultural escapade of luxury in Laos awaits you at La Résidence Phou Vao.


Refresh your mind, body and soul as you soak in the kisses of the sun and melt to the tunes of crashing waves. Glazed by the salts of the Indian Ocean, Jimbaran Puri offers a sacred tranquillity for your perfect romantic beach retreat. Unwind in your private villa as you stroll down its sparkling marble floors, sipping on iced tea, lazing on soft mattresses wrapped in sheets of satin. Surround yourself with the nature grounds of an Asian personality with Australian influence, only found in your secret garden by the sea.


Immerse yourself in the peace of the sea that meets the jungle of Koh Samui. The palm-fringed trees, white sand and cloudless blue skies exist to revive the playful child in you. Let the timeless resort atmosphere of Napasai wash off the stresses of life with its glistening seas. Be their guest and let the in-house chefs tickle your taste buds with the natural flavours of tropical Thailand paired with the freshest coconut water.


A land of charming culture – tour the galleries of architecture at Angkor Wat, hike through the mystic forests of Kulen Mountain, and sail into the sunset along Tonle Sap. Be enchanted by the beauty of the immense lush flora of the earthly materfamilias that surround the entire village, welcoming you as she spreads her leafy wings across your private garden terrace in a warm embrace. End your day with a relaxing sensory experience in their spa, where professionals bring you through the discovery of ancient Asian healing arts.


The calming tones of the birds and breeze, the colonial style mansions of Burmese beauty – a destination where elegance and culture unite. Trot down the markets of fabrics and flavours, and journey through Yele Pagoda’s golden walls. Enjoy the entertainment of blazing fire displays while swigging in a mouthful of their famous “Maladay Sour” cocktail with relish. What better way to soak in luxurious sensations as the powerfully evocative displays draw you the heart of Myanmar.


Belmond Asia 3D2N Deal: Contact us at +65 9012 3665 to find out how you can save up to 60% off original booking rates for two-to-go!


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Travel Plans 2021: Golfing in South East Asia

Jul 30 2020 - Blog

In this current pandemic where our plans for the year have come to a complete halt, we look to different ways to breathe life to our “new normal”. Some of us have even begun planning for 2021. Golfing is a perfect stress-relief, a diversion for the mind and uniquely suited for a new social-distancing world. Talk about hitting two balls with one club!  

When we think of golf, we think of Tiger Woods and how effortlessly he hits a birdie. He also gets to travel the world while doing something he loves. For the golf lovers out there, here are our recommendations for a golf holiday in 2021! 

Da Nang Golf Holiday 4D3N

Escape to Da Nang, gateway to the Vietnam golf coast and home to the country’s top golf courses, Asia’s best beaches and world-class resorts.

Experience exceptional rounds on multi award-winning golf courses at Ba Na Hills Golf Club and BRG Da Nang Golf Resort – one of the 15 best new courses in the world recognised by USA GOLF Magazine. Its accolades include “Best Golf Course in Asia” and “Best Golf Course in Vietnam”. 

Designed to be uniquely challenging and set amongst enchanting backdrops of mountain ranges and sea, these promising grounds designed by legends of the sport truly deliver the spirit of golf. Indeed, Vietnam is the up-and-coming destination when it comes to golf tours in the Far East.

Hua Hin Golf Holiday 4D3N

Visit the beachfront paradise in the heart of Hua Hin – Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa! Located on the western side of the Gulf of Thailand, Hilton Hua Hin Resort & Spa is ranked as one of the few top-tier resorts in the area, with over 296 modern Thai-inspired rooms. 

As Thailand’s original beach resort, it now sports a selection of Hua Hin and Cha Am golf courses such as Springfield Royal Country Club and Lake View Resort & Golf Club, available for play during your Thailand golf vacation. As part of Sky Premium’s 4D3N luxury golf package, guests are entitled to a session of golf at each golfing club, assigned with a caddie per golfer.

Approximately 2.5 hours from Bangkok to Hua Hin and a short 15-minute drive from Hua Hin Airport, plan your trip to this 5-star luxury resort with us! Perfect for those seeking a golf holiday combined with shopping or Thai massage. 

Phuket Amanpuri Villa Experience 4D3N

Situated beside the Andaman Sea on the west coast of the Thai island of Phuket, Amanpuri is the flagship property of the Aman Resorts. It is known as “place of peace” in Sanskrit and is a 30-minute drive from Phuket International Airport. The property provides the space and peace of a private island with exceptional villas and guest pavilions, world-class restaurants and a medical-grade Holistic Wellness Centre.

Retreat to the sanctuary of Phuket with Sky Premium’s 4D3N itinerary and enjoy an 18-hole golf game at Loch Palm Golf Club – one of the island’s top golf clubs – situated around the stunning Crystal Lake and stretching over 6,555 yards with a 72-par.

Keen to find out more? Contact our Lifestyle Team at lifestyle [at] today!


At Sky Premium, we bring you luxe travel experiences with specially curated itineraries from Best Price, Recommended, Exclusive to Luxury packages so you can embark on your preferred tour. All year round, all with one card — discover life’s treasures that await you. 

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Oven-baked Salmon Salad Recipe

Aug 05 2020 - Blog




Oven-baked Salmon Salad
(Recipe serves 4 pax)

Colourful salad vegetables and cherry tomatoes, baked salmon and boiled eggs come together for a refreshing and
healthy salad that is chock-full of nutrition to help meet your daily requirements of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and fibre.


Oven Baked Salmon

  • 1 fresh salmon fillet (300g)
  • 100g salted butter
  • Salt to taste
  • Mixed herbs to taste
  • Black pepper to taste



  • 1 whole red leaf lettuce
  • 50g baby leaf
  • 120g colourful cherry tomatoes
  • 3 to 4 eggs (for 4 servings)
  • 1 tbsp of sesame salad dressing per serving




  1. Butter the surface of a foil sheet. Alternatively, use non-stick baking paper to skip the buttering and reduce the total fat content in the salad for a healthier option.
  2. Lay the salmon fillet onto foil sheet/baking paper and sprinkle with salt, mixed herbs and pepper to taste. (Go light on the salt as we are using salted butter here.)
    Cut butter into thin 1-inch squares and distribute atop the salmon fillet.
  3. Bake 30 minutes in a preheated oven at 160°C.
  4. Wash the eggs and place them into a pot with enough water to cover.
    Bring the water to a boil and hold it there to continue cooking the eggs.
    The eggs should be cooked for a total of 15 minutes, timed from when the pot was placed on the heat.
  5. Wash all vegetables and pat dry with a kitchen towel or drain the excess water with a colander or salad spinner.
    Cut the red leaf lettuce into medium cuts, about 1 inch in width, and set aside.
  6. Slice the colourful cherry tomatoes into halves and set aside.
  7. Remove the eggs when the 15 minutes are up and cool them in cold water. Peel the eggs when they are cool to touch and set aside until ready to serve.
  8. Remove the baked salmon once the timer is up and leave it aside to cool.
  9. Using an egg cutter or knife, slice the boiled eggs. Next, slice the baked salmon to desired size.
  10. Plate the salad with the greens first, topping off with the tomatoes, boiled eggs and baked salmon. Finally, drizzle with sesame salad dressing and dig in!




Featured Ingredient from our eStore



Tomamoto (Colorful Cherry Tomatoes)

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Stir-Fried Komatsuna with Egg Recipe

Jul 30 2020 - Blog

About Komatsuna

Komatsuna, otherwise known as Japanese mustard spinach, is a green leafy vegetable that is an excellent source of calcium and vitamins A and C. It is versatile and can be prepared in various ways like stir-frying, boiling, used in salads or pickled. It remains firm after simmering, making it a popular choice for use in soups.

Taste Profile: Fresh and sweet with a crunchy texture.


Stir-Fried Komatsuna with Egg
(Recipe serves 4 pax)

A familiar and homely recipe that is simple to prepare and sure to bring back fond memories.
Ideal for busy days when you need a quick fix with a taste that you know is home.



  • 1 bundle of fresh komatsuna (approx. 150g)
  • 2 tsp shoyu (we recommend Nama Shoyu)
  • 1 tsp mirin
  • 1 tsp dashi powder
  • ½ tsp sesame oil
  • 1 cup ice cubes
  • Water (for blanching)



  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp mirin
  • ½ tsp sesame oil



  1. Boil a pot of water and add a pinch of salt.
    Place the komatsuna whole into the boiling water and cook for 1 minute. Prepare the ice bath.
  2. Remove the komatsuna and transfer it into the ice bath to cool down.
    Pro tip: Placing the komatsuna into ice water will halt the cooking process and retain its texture.
  3. Drain the chilled komatsuna, lightly squeezing to remove any excess water. Cut into 3 equal portions lengthwise, then set aside.
  4. In a separate bowl, crack the eggs and add 1 tsp mirin. Beat to mix well.
    Set the pan to medium heat and drizzle in ½ tsp sesame oil.
    Pour in the egg mixture and stir-fry, stirring frequently, until semi-cooked. Remove from pan.
  5. Using the same pan, drizzle in ½ tsp sesame oil and stir-fry the chilled komatsuna for ½ minute on medium heat.
  6. Return the semi-cooked egg to the pan together with 2 tsp shoyu, 1 tsp mirin and 1 tsp dashi powder. Continue stir-frying for 1 more minute.
  7. Remove from pan and serve on a plate. Garnish with roasted white sesame seeds for enhanced presentation. Enjoy!


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A Guide to Pairing the Right Sake with Japanese Food

Jul 24 2020 - Blog

Sake to the Japanese is just like wine to the French. In Japan, it is a staple alcoholic beverage paired with almost every meal and its popularity has spread across the globe.

In this article, we will show you how to pair your Japanese meals with the right sake. If you’re keen to learn more about sake, do check out our other Sake 101 articles!

Read more: An Introduction to Japanese Sake, How to Pick a Good Sake and Health Benefits of Sake

The complexity and price point of a bottle of sake is partly determined by how polished the rice grains are. The more polished the sake, the cleaner the starch and hence, the cleaner the taste. But how do you choose the right sake pairing to make the best of your dining experience?

To answer this, it is key to know what kind of flavours you appreciate. Some people prefer stronger-tasting sake while others go for the fruitier easy-drinking types. Honjozo and Junmai are stronger-tasting sake while Junmai Ginjo and Junmai Daiginjo are smoother ones.

The general rule of thumb is to pair the type of sake to the intensity of the food’s flavour. In other words, match light-tasting sake to light-tasting food and vice versa. Here are some recommendations from us!

1. JUNMAI-DAIGINJO Shigemasu (Fukuoka)

This luxurious sake starts off dry and spicy but evolves into richer, buttery notes. It has a moderately flowery nose with herbal and earthy tones. This sake full of contrasting flavours is brewed in Fukuoka, Kyushu ─ a place known for producing high-quality sake.

Food pairing: sushi, sashimi, steamed fish, lightly seasoned foods

2. JUNMAI-DAIGINJO Wakimizu with Golden Leaf (Niigata)

Refreshing on the palate with hints of banana and walnut, this sake is known for its fruity and floral notes. It has a medium texture and body that goes clean on the nose, with a good balance of dryness and bitterness.

Food pairing: Sushi, sashimi, soba, oden, onigiri, wakame salad, zoni

3. JUNMAI-DAIGINJO Asao (Shiga) 

This sake is known for its mild fruity and floral profile that best complements the rich flavours of beef and fermented food. It is thoughtfully brewed with Yamada Nishiki rice and polished to 50%.

Food pairing: Beef, fermented food

4. Dassai 45 Junmai Daiginjo - 720ml

The best-selling Junmai Daiginjo in Japan that captivates you with its collection of sweet aromas including grape juice, cotton candy, and a hint of lemonade. An easy pair with any food, its subtle sweetness accents when the fluid warms in the mouth.

Food pairing: Mushroom risotto, tempura, fried chicken, caviar, smoked salmon pate


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The One and Uni: Premium Japanese Sea Urchin

Jul 16 2020 - Blog

Known as “Fish Butter” or “Butter of the Sea”, uni is the Japanese term for the edible part of sea urchin ─ specifically the gonads. Each spiny sea urchin bears five delicate lobes. While some people consider uni to be an acquired taste, the delicacy has scores of fans in Japan and around the world. Uni lovers fall head over heels for its buttery texture, praising especially the rich, creamy and full-rounded umami flavour of high quality uni.

Uni possesses impressive nutritional benefits as a good source of protein, fibre, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium and iodine. Generally, two to three pieces of uni contain only about 125 calories, which makes it a low-fat seafood. High in omega-3 fatty acids, uni is a good food choice for reducing the risk of abnormal heartbeat and promoting good blood circulation. 

Japanese uni are common harvested off the bottom of Shakotan Peninsula, west coast of Hokkaido. After they are picked from the seabed, the uni are cracked open, thoroughly cleaned, and repackaged before being freshly shipped. Because of the amount of hard work and labour involved, uni usually fetches a premium price especially for the higher graded ones.

When it comes to grading and differentiating quality uni from low quality ones, a few factors come into play, i.e. freshness, colour, taste and texture. Technically, uni with brighter yellow/gold hue are classified into higher grades and therefore retailed at higher prices. Amongst the varieties of sea urchin out there, the vibrance, firmness and dryness of Bafun Uni (Horse Dung Sea Urchin with deep orange gonads) and Murasaki Uni (Purple Sea Urchin with mustard yellow gonads) make them one of the most valued premium types.


Four Types of Uni You’ve Got to Try

1. Ensui Uni

Ensui Uni is considered the sweetest of the four common species of uni. It is usually kept in saltwater solution to mimic the sea’s salt level. This uni has a tofu-like texture that brings you an experience as close as you can get from cracking sea urchin by the beach.


2. Medium Grade Uni

Known for its orange-gold skin, this medium grade uni carried by Sky Premium is freshly imported from Russia. The quality and texture are silky and delicate, and the flavour is much sweeter and richer compared to the Murasaki Long Spike Sea Urchin.


3. Bafun Uni

Bafun Uni is known for its bright red colour and it is commonly served in higher-end restaurants. It is usually found in much deeper ocean depths, and recognisable by its rich umami and slightly bitter taste.


4. Murasaki Uni

Murasaki Uni is the most common type of uni in Japan. This mildly sweet sea urchin is known for its dark purple colour and mustard yellow gonads. It is best eaten as sushi or sashimi. 

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Craving for Italian Fare While in Need of Your Uni Fix?

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar has just the right dish – Cold Angel Hair. This creative dish is crafted with fresh sea urchin, snow crab meat and 5gr Carelian Caviar.

Distinguished for its fascinating character and strong identity, Garibaldi emphasises authentic Italian cuisine prepared with the best ingredients directly imported from Italy.

Savour Michelin-starred Italian cuisine today with Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar.


Visit Tokyo’s Famous Toyosu Fish Market

Rise and shine at Tokyo's renowned Toyosu Fish Market!

Watch the morning tuna auction, hunt for ocean catch and enjoy a fresh seafood breakfast. In the noon, indulge in a delicious Japanese Uni Deluxe lunch, where you get to savour one of the most amazing delicacies in the world, only in Japan! 

As the world's biggest fish market, Toyosu Fish Market is also home to various museum-style exhibits showcasing Japan's seafood history. In your day tour, go beyond Toyosu and explore the outer markets of Tsukiji with over 600 merchants and taste some of the local favourites.

Keen to find out more? Contact our Lifestyle Team at lifestyle [at] today!


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All About Premium Japanese Melons

Jul 01 2020 - Blog

The Japanese practise the notable tradition of gift giving, where emphasis is placed on both the presentation of the gift and its contents. Premium fruits like the Japanese melon make a popular choice due to their price, value and health benefits. 

The time and care it takes to harvest a Japanese melon reflect the hard work and dedication of the farmers. These premium melons are so highly valued that two of them were sold for US$45,000 at an auction in May 2019. In terms of sincerity, this speaks volumes to the person receiving your gift.

Watch this video to learn about the elaborate Japanese melon harvesting process:


From the orange-fleshed Yubari melon to the green-fleshed muskmelon, different varieties of seasonal premium melons are available throughout Japan. To get you started, here are some types of Japanese Melons you’ve got to try!

1. Japanese Muskmelon

Known as the “king of fruits”, the muskmelon is one of the world’s most prized luxury fruits and is often given as a gift in Japan. You may differentiate premium quality muskmelons from their distinctly thick and complicated husk with a light green skin tone.

Exploding with juice in every bite, this melon tastes amazing and carries a faint sweet aroma as beautiful as musk, which is how it got its name.

While they belong to the same family as rock melons and honeydews, muskmelons are far sweeter and juicier. They are also loaded with nutrients and have high water content, making them a cooling and hydrating treat for summer.

2. Japanese Watermelon

Nothing reminds us more of summer than the juicy Japanese watermelon – it’s just crazy delicious!

Like many other Japanese fruits, watermelons are considered a luxurious gift for respectable seniors and a presentable thank-you gift.

Watermelons are perfect as a hydrating summer snack with incredible health benefits. It boosts immune systems, combats fatigue and contains rich vitamins that are fantastic for both your skin and hair health!

3. Japanese Rock Melon

This mellow sweet fruit is characterised by its juicy orange flesh with rich, smooth and consistent texture. Japanese rock melons are popularly served as a dessert topping in Japanese cafés especially during summer!

Boasting high beta carotene content, they can be kept for a longer time compared to other melon types. They are low in calories and rich in plant-derived polyphenolic compounds, vitamins and minerals that are optimal for promoting good health.

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Savour the Fusion of Melon and Ham with Waterfall Ristorante Italiano

In the mood for more melon? Then you got to try the Prosciutto San Daniele & Melone by Waterfall Ristorante Italiano! This simple and classic Italian recipe combines the saltiness from San Daniele ham with the sweetness of melon. Embark on a tasting journey spanning all of southern Italian cuisine with Waterfall Ristorante Italiano. Expect the freshest seafood, hand-me-down recipes and homemade pastas at this authentic Italian restaurant.


Planning a Trip to Japan and Want to Have a Melon-Tastic Time?

Come to Hokkaido with Sky Premium on a 6D5N Hokkaido Melon Indulgence tour where you get to enjoy the No. 1 Japanese Melon in an all-you-can-eat buffet experience! 

This 6-day itinerary will bring you through the highlights of Hokkaido in the lavender season, where you get to immerse in the charms of Japan’s northernmost main island. Be it relaxing in nature, viewing beautiful flowers, savouring seasonal dishes or dipping in bubbling hot springs… get ready for an unforgettable trip!

Keen to find out more? Contact our Lifestyle Team at lifestyle [at] for more information.


At Sky Premium, we bring you luxe travel experiences with specially curated itineraries that allow you to experience all the facets of Japan. No matter how many times you’ve been to Japan, you’ll gain new experiences in different seasons. A fascinating land of rich cultural heritage, beautiful temples and exquisite cuisine awaits you. 

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Stay-Home Father’s Day Plan

Jun 17 2020 - Blog

The bond we share with our dad is one of the most beautiful relationships in our lives. Come this Father’s Day, Sky Premium would like to extend our warmest appreciation and well wishes to all the father figures in the world.

If you’re planning to throw a home celebration for your family’s superman, here are some menu ideas from us to make this occasion blissfully special!

Set the Table with a Seafood Spread and Hearty Roasts

The Oyster Cart

A luxe spread of seasonal fresh oysters awaits with The Oyster Cart (TOC). Embark on a truly divine experience with fuss-free indulgence of plump, juicy oysters. From "sweet" to "briny" taste profiles, these assorted pieces come in sets of 12, 24 or 48 for your delight. However you choose to savour it ─ raw or paired with a bubbly drink ─ you’re all set for a great night.

TOC is a mobile oyster bar and leading purveyor of on-site oyster shucking services. Established since 2013, the brand takes pride in offering the finest and freshest oysters paired with impeccable service.

The epitome of quality oysters boils down to the eye of the oyster shucker. At TOC, each oyster is meticulously cleaned without the use of water and expertly shucked by an oyster connoisseur before being packed with ice in a thermal gift box and sealed to retain the freshness and flavour of the sea.

TOC oyster sets are now available on Sky Premium’s member-exclusive eStore — The Direct. Enjoy the essence of the sea with your loved ones this Father’s Day.

DHM Delivery

Bond with your dad over specially crafted Family Sharing Menus across DHM's line of restaurants. Enjoy some of the most delicious authentic Spanish Fiesta* by Sabio By The Sea, savour the intense flavour of quality steak cuts doused in L'Entrecôte's legendary sauce from their French Bistro Fare Set, or celebrate the flavourful gem of the sea with BTM's Famous Mussel Set. Get ready for a massive feast with your family!

Available for islandwide delivery and takeaway from 5 Duxton Hill.
Sharing Packs are available in Couples size for 2 and Family size for 4.

* Sabio's Spanish Fiesta set is suitable for 2 to 4 persons.
** Order now at

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

Does your dad love Italian cuisine? Indulge in Michelin-starred meals from one of Singapore’s most popular and respected Italian restaurants ─ Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar!

From classic Minestrone di Verdure, rich and tasty Spaghetti Mare to Chef Roberto Galetti's signature Ossobuco alla Garibaldi, let the restaurant bring magic to your table with these impeccable authentic Italian dishes!

* Order now at
** Available for self-collection and delivery from 11.30am to 9.30pm.

Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

If Dad fancies a mix of cuisines, take your pick from the takeaway menus from Shang Palace, Waterfall Ristorante Italiano, The Line, and Origin Grill & Bar!

Travel the world without leaving the comfort of your home through this gastronomic line-up of Cantonese, Italian and International dishes. Make this special day an exquisite adventure with a little indulgence.

* Skip the delivery wait and enjoy 20% off all self-collection orders. Order online here.
* Enjoy additional 5% off when you flash Sky Premium’s membership card or quote our member-exclusive promo code during self-collection.


Share a Heartfelt Conversation over the Perfect Bottle

Spend quality time with your dad and create memories over a delightful bottle of wine.

Red or white, sweet or dry ─ whether you’re searching for a perfect pairing for your Father’s Day meal or a gift that suits Dad’s personality, there’s a perfect pick from Enoteca to suit every wine lover’s needs!

Casa Rojo La Marimorena 2018, White wine

Zesty and aromatic with a soft, ripe fruity finish, the playful complexity of La Marimorena is impossible not to love. Expect herbal aromas, citrus scents and clear notes of apple and pear. Brewed with Albariño, this wine begins fresh and fruity in the mouth and finishes along the mineral and spice theme.

A perfect pairing with flavourful seafood.

Tenuta San Guido Le Difese 2015, Red Wine

Graceful yet a little wild, this Le Difese marries sweet ripe fruits (forest berry and wild cherry) with warm spices and savoury grilled herbs. A flavour that dazzles the true definition of Italian wine.

Its structure complements bright acidity with chewy, sturdy tannins, making it an easy-drinking wine that goes well with pasta.

V Telegraphe Châteauneuf du Pape 2013, Red Wine

If there’s a French wine that everyone ought to taste, it’s the Châteauneuf du Pape! This charming classic French wine is renowned for its full-bodied, seductive and spicy flavour.

Châteauneuf Du Pape opens with a voluptuous aroma of floral notes and characteristics reminiscent of black cherry, baked raspberry, garrigue, olive tapenade, lavender and baking spice.

A perfect pairing with meat and rich seafood.


For more exquisite wine selections, head over to Sky Premium’s member-exclusive eStore and order a bottle today!

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Intensity Training and the Science Behind It

Jun 15 2020 - Blog

As we approach Week 3 of the 21-Day WFH Exercise Programme, we will cover intensity training, which involves mobility/dynamic exercises that engage different parts of your body. It is designed to get you moving and perspiring by the end of the workout.

Intensity training has gained popularity in recent years, especially for people seeking to build strength and muscle endurance or trying to lose weight. These programmes are commonly known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and involve short intense bursts of cardio exercises. As the 21-Day WFH Exercise Programme is designed for beginners, the next seven days’ workouts will increase in difficulty progressively, so that your body can slowly get accustomed to the shift in intensity leading up to the final day.

What are Some Benefits of Intensity Training?

1. Effective way to help burn fat

Intensity training involves cardio exercises that are highly effective for fat burning/mobilisation. The intensity of the workout leads to an increased rate of fat oxidation and post-exercise oxygen consumption. During this process, your body breaks down adipose tissue and converts it into energy.


2. Helps regulate your appetite

Intensity training helps to decrease the amount of ghrelin ─ an appetite-regulating hormone. This temporarily increases your blood sugar and blood lactate level which also reduces your appetite. 


3. Increases the amount of oxygen absorbed per minute

Also known as VO2max, this affects the physical capacity of your performance during the workout. Your body has more endurance and better overall health when your VO2max is increased. VO2max is associated with the health of our telomeres (a compound structure in our DNA that regulates the ageing of our cells). Healthy telomeres lead to youthful cells and reduced risk of cancer.


4. Regulates blood glucose levels

Regular exercise helps people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes increase glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity which in turn helps to regulate blood glucose at healthy levels.


Getting excited to kickstart the intensity training? Check out our daily step-by-step video tutorials on our YouTube channel and Instagram's IGTV, and let Allan Wu share with you all you need to know about staying fit! Let’s lead the Good Life together!

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Old Habits Die Hard… or Do They?

Jun 08 2020 - Blog

We have all heard of the saying, “A leopard never changes its spots.” While the original expression used to hold a negative connotation, it has gradually taken on a looser meaning commonly used to describe an old habit that is hard to shake off.

One classic case of the inertia of change would be the experience of adopting a new exercise routine. Many of us set out with grand goals of losing weight and living healthier, only to give up halfway. This may arise from the fear of the unfamiliar; the unwillingness to step out of one’s comfort zone.

This raises the question ─ just what does it take for someone to successfully change a deep-rooted habit or behaviour?

In his New York Times bestselling book, Atomic Habits, James Clear writes about the “Habit Loop” ─ four factors that work together to help someone build an entirely new habit. They are Cue, Craving, Response and Reward. As the human brain works on a trigger-and-reward basis, this loop can serve as an aid to help us adjust to what we hope to achieve.

A perfect example is our morning routine: wake up, head to the bathroom, take a shower, brush teeth, change out, make a cup of coffee and reply emails. It has been said that our mind is actually on something else 40−50% of the time while we complete routine actions on auto-pilot.

So one of the first steps to adopting a new habit is being able to identify moments that we can alter to improve our day. When we consciously switch up specific actions in our routine and train our mind to expect a reward for this new habit, the brain will use this connection to remember and replay the habit in the future.

We can apply this concept on the goal of starting a new exercise habit. Just by doing a simple morning stretch, you can start positively disrupting your sedentary lifestyle. Afterwards, treat yourself to a fragrant cup of coffee to connect your mind with this reward!

As we enter Week 2 of the 21-Day WFH Exercise Programme, Sky Premium wants to help you break out of your old routine and start living the Good Life. This week’s videos cover simple workouts that you can do right in the comfort of your home/office, using household items.

These 5- to 6-minute workouts are perfect for introducing into your morning, afternoon and/or evening routine. They are easy for beginners to pick up and will help you get your body moving to start an active lifestyle.

Remember, it takes gradual and realistic steps to attain your end-goal. Together, let’s keep improving and living our best life!


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