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7 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Wellness

Jul 22 2021 - Blog

Life has been different as we know it. The last few years brought about a period of uncertainty that had an impact on people’s mental and emotional health. With working from home becoming the new norm and social distancing put in place, people are feeling more isolated than ever.

It is thus even more important that we pay attention to our mental wellness and remember to treat ourselves – and each other – with kindness. Here are 7 things that you can introduce into your life to tide you through this period of isolation and improve your mental wellbeing.



Don’t underestimate the simple act of journaling. Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a healthy way to help you to make sense of what you are feeling. It can help you manage your anxiety, reduce stress and depression. This is because journaling can help you prioritise your concerns and provide an opportunity for you to practice positive self-talk.

Stationery enthusiasts will love Bynd Artisan’s luxurious notebooks, which are customisable from start to finish. They also carry an Inspirational Journal series that comes individually or in a set of five, packed with wisdom, tips and ideas to nourish the soul. It is perfect for you to start filling it up with all your thoughts, hopes and dreams.



Meditation aids in relaxation, inner peace, concentration and overall mental wellness. This is because it is a practice of mindfulness, focus and negative emotions management. Mindfulness encourages you to focus on the present, slow down, reflect deeper and find positive attributes about yourself.

With many online resources available, it is time to sit in stillness and focus on your breath. Beginners can easily start with guided meditation videos on YouTube or use apps like Insight Timer. Consider using scented candles from Hush Candle to accompany your meditation practice. The scent from the essential oils can help to ground and centre you during your practice.


Declutter Your Space

Decluttering is a good way to help relieve stress. Studies have shown that getting rid of excess items and making your place tidier can benefit you by making you feel calmer and more in control. With a cleaner space, you will find yourself being more productive with less things to distract you visually. Mentally and emotionally, decluttering can help restore your sense of competency, especially when you feel like things are getting out of your control.

If you don’t know where to start, always start small. Pick a cabinet to organise first and just enjoy the process. You don’t need to strive for perfection here.


Spend some time in nature

Regular exercise outside in nature can help to improve your mood and self-esteem. The pleasant natural environment is healing as it reduces fear, stress and anxiety, which in turn affects your physical body. Plus, the light physical activity can only serve to strengthen you.

After being cooped up at home all day, it is nice to give yourself time in the outdoors to relax. Soak up some morning sun and Vitamin D as you go for a cooling morning walk. Invite a friend as you hike up Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Other ways to spend time in nature include gardening or being around animals. Don’t forget to hydrate up and cool down with Cold Pressed Juice Packs as you spend more time outdoors.


Take a Guilt Free Nap

Napping can help to refresh your mind, increase your concentration, reduce stress and boost your immune system. While working from home has its benefits, many of us struggle with setting boundaries and end up overworking. With more time spent in front of the computer, it is even more vital to give your mind a break and indulge in a guilt free nap whenever you can.

During your off time, nestle up with SOVA and their mulberry silk sets. With the comforting feel of silk on your bare skin and a calming scented candle, sink into blissfulness and let your mind rest for at least 20 minutes.


Try Something New

Hobbies provide a way to disengage from your usual obligations and to do something you truly enjoy. These activities help to elevate fatigue and lower levels of depression, which is especially important when you feel overwhelmed from the daily grind.

Some hobbies you can consider taking up include music, painting, reading, gardening, a new sport and more. It is not surprising that many people took up baking and launched their own business during the lockdown in 2020. It is never too late to pick up a fun activity for yourself.


Release Physical Tension in Your Body

The long hours spent in front of our work computers often lead to tight shoulders, back pain and a stiff neck. Furthermore, when we are stressed, our muscles also tend to tense up.

Release tension in your body with either a massage or a light stretching session. A short restorative massage session can not only elevate physical aches, but also release stress, insomnia and fatigue. Pamper your body and mind with a fuss-free experience using the OSIM uDolly Handheld Massager.

Alternatively, consider doing some light stretches or gentle yoga. Stretching and yoga releases endorphins into your body; you will thus find yourself in a better mood and state of mind. The best part about stretching is that you can do it anywhere!


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