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Unique Drinks to Liven Up Your Event’s Spirits: Delouis International

Sep 12 2019 - Blog

Throwing an event can be a daunting task especially when you need to run through a flurry of logistics and make sure the food pleases everyone on the guest list. When it comes to food catering, we often focus on choosing the main courses and go easy on the beverages. But having a great party drink to pair with the delicacies can most certainly make your event both successful and memorable.

Here are some “party potions” to add a punch to your event and create an unforgettable experience for your guests!  

You can count on the professionalism of leading beverage distributor, Delouis International, for audience-wowing drink options. Check out their enviable range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are perfect for any occasion from family parties to corporate functions. With these premium products specially imported from Europe, you’ll be sure to find that perfect sip to treat your guests.

Franklin & Sons: Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

Running a family-friendly event? This award-winning non-alcoholic range of tonics, mixers and soft drinks makes the perfect thirst quencher to cool off that summer heat in Singapore. First introduced in 1886, the brand continues to follow the ethos of using only natural flavour extracts and colours. Say no to preservatives or sweeteners and YES to gluten-free!

Every bottle is packed with real fruit juice from the finest ingredients, sourced and handpicked at their best. Just listen to that satisfying hiss as you open the bottle! Forget boring old supermarket soft drinks; refresh your guests with this wide range of innovative flavours. With unique tertiary culinary ingredients like cracked black pepper, cinnamon, star anise and crushed juniper, you’ll find yourself wanting to try every flavour just like we did.

Laplandia Super Premium Vodka

Those who fancy a tipple will appreciate the inconceivable smoothness and purity of this flagship original creation by Laplandia. This heavenly concoction is made possible only through the combination of the freshest and softest groundwater source from Lake Hirsijärvi and 7-times-distilled high-grade wheat spirit, accented by a tiny drop of natural honey. Proven and confirmed though multiple international tasting awards, even the most sensitive tongue cannot deny its exceptional quality.

Stir it with a dash of vermouth, a sprig of rosemary and lemon essential oil for a charming taste. Or whip up a rose lemonade cocktail in a long drink glass filled with berries for a fruity sensation.

The exquisite frosted bottle design is adorned with a white winter theme that represents the “Land of Purity”. Decorated with a touch of 24K gold, this luxurious ornament befitting the most refined guests will add a wisp of elegance to your event.

Laplandia Espresso Shot Vodka

Enjoy a little boost of caffeine in your booze! This super premium coffee-flavoured vodka represents the perfect combination of Finnish vodka production skills and their people’s immense love for coffee. This flavoured vodka is thoughtfully crafted to bring out the authentic taste of coffee as the dominant note, without being overshadowed by the alcohol.

Explore endless cocktail possibilities to spike your event night or have it on the rocks ⁠— you pretty much can’t go wrong with this versatile blend.


Making things better, liven up your party’s spirits with these amazing concoctions from Delouis International. Head over to their Facebook or Instagram for more information of how they can get your next hosting covered! 

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