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4 Delicious Japanese Oranges for Your Vitamin C Needs

Mar 06 2020 - Blog

Busy stocking up on masks and immune-boosting supplements? Why not adopt a healthy diet with fruits too? Rich in vitamins, fruits are great for warding off illnesses and much tastier than those orange tablets that sizzle in water.

While the antioxidant Vitamin C carries many health benefits, our body cannot produce it—which means we can only get it through intakes. Fortunately, oranges are known to be an excellent source of Vitamin C amongst its citrus companions. So while the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has its truths, if you’re looking to include more Vitamin C in your diet, “an orange a day” might just be the way to go!

With that said, Sky Premium is here to juice up your Good Life as we introduce you to four delicious types of premium Japanese oranges from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market.

Setoka Orange

A combination of large, seedless and juicy sweet flesh makes this orange absolutely delicious. Setoka oranges belong to a rare and luxurious hybrid of mikan and oranges. Its beautiful smooth skin peels easily with just the right touch of tartness making it lusciously decadent and refreshing. Much sweeter, juicier and softer than any of its orange cousins, serve this juicy treat in slices if you want to avoid staining your clothes!

Thanks to the rarity of its hybrid, you probably will not find them readily available in the market. A symbol of good fortune, Setoka oranges make an exclusive and luxurious gift for loved ones and business associates.

Dekopon Orange

Said to be the tastiest citrus fruit, Dekopon is a sweet, seedless and larger variety of mandarin orange weighing up to a pound each. It has a light but complex fragrance and is so sugary and juicy that it is practically a soft drink in fruit form! The dekopon has a unique protruding bump on top and thick, rough skin. Despite this, it is easy to peel and has very thin membranes covering its firm, seedless flesh.

Ponkan Orange

This mandarin-pomelo hybrid boasts the smoothest skin that is shiny and almost wrinkle-free. The most popular type of orange available during Lunar New Year, the Ponkan is well-loved for its general size, succulent texture and tangy flavour—a sweet combination well balanced by its low levels of acidity. Not overly concentrated, the refreshing flavour will entice you to indulge in a few at one go.

Japanese Mandarin Orange

Snack on the refreshing seedless and pulpy flesh of these Japanese Mikan (mandarin orange) overflowing with intense tangerine fragrance. A cinch to peel, you can uncover the flesh with your bare fingers.

With its convenient size, handy round shape and auspicious “golden” colour (symbolising wealth and fortune), Japanese mandarin oranges make the perfect fruit for gifting, snacking and getting your Vitamin C supply!


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