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4 Factors that is Driving the Fitness Club Membership Boom

Oct 08 2019 - Blog

Today, fitness club membership are flourishing globally at a very fast pace along with the growth in the culture of health and wellness. It’s not just in the states, where we see the $28 million fitness industry accelerating and predicted to reach $40 million by 2023, but the notable industry statistics throughout Asia-Pacific – the combined estimated $17 billion revenue generated and increasing number of fitness club membership consumers – is a testimony to this trend.

4 Factors that is Driving the Fitness Club Membership Boom

Whilst growing health and fitness awareness is one, there are far more factors that are driving this historic boom. In this article, we discuss some of the reasons why businesses invest and foresee the blooming fitness industry, spa and wellness club, and holistic health clubs in Singapore.

1. The Healthy Lifestyle Movement

Fitness club memberships were arguably once a status symbol among the ones with higher disposable income. Yet, thanks to the access of Internet, social influence and growing education level, there has been a shift in perspective among consumers. The generation now are more committed to pursue a life of self-betterment and willing to invest in specific lifestyle choices to fit that need. People are progressively hitting the gyms, circuit training, yoga classes – you name it.

2. Increasing Demand for Healthy Foods

Food consumption behaviour have changed over time and in recent years, more consumers are trending towards health-conscious eating. Consumers now demand and are more incline to pay for healthier food choices, explaining the move away from processed food in favour of natural, whole, organic options.

As more and more become increasingly health conscious, consumers are also better educated on the association between physical activeness and healthy living, and it is not surprising to see its effect on the remarkable growths in fitness club memberships.

3. The Age of Wearables

For anyone who’s planning to kick-start a new fitness regime, fitness wearables might just be the most functional and convenient innovation that analyses our physical performance in depth at ease.

Fitness trackers such as Fitbit and Apple Watch has become the key ingredient in influencing and helping consumers to be more in tune with the mechanics of their body. Heart rate sensors, sleep trackers, waterproof trackers, the fundamentals of these functions keep tracks of people’s health data at their fingertips, getting them to pay more attention while keeping tabs on their general health. In return, consumers become more invested in the idea of healthier living and are likely to seek solution in fitness club memberships, attributing to its growth.

4. The Proliferation of VIP Fitness Club Membership

Led by a handful of globally recognised brands and innovative start-ups, the expansion of premium wellness and fitness club memberships in Singapore has officially hit the mainstream and has become one of the most seek service amongst health and fitness advocates.

Whether you’ve just began your fitness journey or have always been active, the perks of joining a fitness club membership extends beyond member exclusive privileges, products and services – often at discounted rates too!


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