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4 Reasons Why Premium Travel Membership Is Booming

Jul 05 2019 - Blog

Travelling today is easier than ever. The world is on the move. People are travelling more than ever and according to a report by World Tourism Organization, it is estimated that by 2030 a global population of 8.5 billion people will take approximately 2 billion international trips. Travel has progressed by leaps and bounds and so have travelers.

In fact, it’s now easy to relax on the plane, enjoy a drink or two, watch your favourite movies and dig into sumptuous meals served pronto. These conveniences are a testament to how much air travel has evolved, allowing us to visit different locations and travel long distances in a few hours. What’s more, it has enabled us to explore different cultures, appreciate their values, and learn to respect our diversity and differences.

Now, with such great conveniences, the increasing demand for travel memberships shouldn’t come as a surprise. But besides comfort and luxury, what fuels the growing number of premium travel club members really?

1. Travellers are moving away from package deals

In the last few years, people were attracted to standard travel tours and packages. However, the trend gradually came to a slump as preferences shifted towards personalised travel deals. Instead of travelling in standard group tours, people now prefer to either travel solo or with loved ones for a customised and more private experience. Therefore, by joining a lifestyle membership club, your demand for a personalised trip is fulfilled while enjoying the luxury privileges the club offers.

2. The rise of the subscription economy

From Spotify to Netflix, the subscription economy has gone far beyond streaming services to offer a new way to purchase products and services online. Consumers, particularly the younger, well-to-do urbanites, are now also turning to subscriptions for consumer goods — and for good reasons. The most compelling one is that subscriptions offer a convenient, customised, and often cheaper way to shop. By subscribing to a travel membership club, you can gain access to special benefits like privilege stay rates, extended check-out times, concierge booking services and more.

3. The shift in the definition of luxury

As mentioned, travelling has become so affordable that it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t always the case. As reporter Samantha Shankman puts it, “While luxury once meant the most expensive or most well-known product… today it’s become a way of being or moving throughout the world.” New-age consumers are increasingly finding luxury in culture-rich experiences rather than extravagant ones. That’s where luxury membership clubs come in to offer the perfect balance of both first-class service and bespoke experiences.

4. The integration of technology with travel

The advances in technology have also changed the way we travel. These days, about 80% of internet users book flights and accommodation using their smartphones and since most travel club services today are mobile-friendly, using them can be quite convenient. Additionally, for travellers looking for perks such as reward points and discounts, travel club solutions can meet these requirements seamlessly.


By travelling to foreign places and discovering new destinations, we are able to appreciate things in a different perspective. With travelling being more affordable now and the wide range of transportation modes available, we can only expect the demand for premium travel memberships to skyrocket in the future.

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