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An Affair with Nouvelle Japanese Cuisine: RIZU

Oct 15 2019 - Blog

We all have times when we want a quiet place for a peaceful meal; be it to unwind after a long day, have a romantic date night or celebrate special anniversaries. On days like this, the last thing we want is a screaming toddler from the table across.

For those looking for a dining place that keeps the young ones at bay, make your way to Rizu, a relaxed-modern space Japanese restaurant at the heart of the bustling Duxton Hill enclave. Founded and owned by Hisamizu Takahashi, who chose to pursue his passion for Japanese cuisine after more than a decade of career in pharmaceutical. Hisamizu involves himself intensively in all details of the restaurant’s operation from a thoughtfully curated menu to the concept of this intimate 30-seater, designed to introduce contemporary Japanese dining in a zen-like ambience. 

Appreciate the sophistication of their deep grey and blue interiors furnished like a luxurious urban setting. With textured walls, dim lighting, padded seating and artistic plates on the wall, every detail softens the atmosphere for diners.

Entrust your meal to the chef at Rizu and savour creative nouvelle cuisine that includes bar bites, omakase sets and à la carte selections along with a list of premium wines and champagnes. The Sky Premium team began our experience today with Rizu’s Signature Omakase.

Cauliflower Puree | Urchin | Caviar

Our omakase course started with this beautiful bright yellow-orange sea urchin, also known by its Japanese name, uni. Reminiscent of how they are found at the bottom of the sea, Rizu serves the delicacy cold on a rock with a generous lashing of caviar and a refreshing cauliflower puree.

Spiky on the outside and delicate on the inside, the urchin’s smooth and buttery texture had us hooked after a mouth of its umami savoury sweetness. If you have never indulged in urchin freshly raw like this, Rizu is a good place to start. The simple-yet-sophisticated flavour of the dish paves the way for more courses to come.

Special Request: Cauliflower Puree | Crab

If you’re not a fan of raw food, sound your request to the team and get a swap from urchin to crab. (Though… we would love to eat it on your behalf)

Oyster | Lemon Gelee

These huge oysters are specially sourced and flown in daily from Miyazaki, Kyushu — a region blessed with flourishing rock oyster catch. Resting on a bed of crushed ice, the treasure of the sea is elegantly accompanied by lemon gelee, tobiko and edible flowers that add shine to its half-shell appearance. Chilled, fresh and sweet, the indulgence doesn’t stop.

Seared Bonito Slices | Myoga Ginger

Seared on the outside and raw in the centre, enjoy the slightly charred skin and smooth tender flesh of bonito all at the same time. The masterfully sliced fish is garnished with myoga ginger that brightens its flavour with aroma and crunch. Sourced directly from Fukuoka, each bite reflects the freshness of the sea. The artful drizzle of chive oil and seaweed on the side had us in awe. Rich and sweet, turns out this delicious dish was simmered in sake and mirin!

Special Request: Cooked Seared Bonito Slices

Hamo Fish Soup | Water Shields | Winter Melon | Matsutake

Hamo (sea eel) carries a delicate, natural flavour that is pleasing to the palate. Gracefully cooked and served in dashi soup that is poured before your eyes, just imagine how comforting it would be to have this on a cold day. The presence of water shields and winter melon adds to the rich flavour while matsutake, lavishly regarded as Japanese black truffle, lends its pine-like fragrance to the soup.

A unique delicacy for natives of Kyoto and Osaka, hamo is typically seasoned only in summer and early fall, which explains why few Japanese restaurants offer this. That’s what makes this course at Rizu so exclusive, along with the fact that it’s specially sourced from Akita, a large prefecture along the sea coast of Japan.

Yellow Tail Amberjack | Corn Puree | Dishcloth Gourd | Lily Bulb

With lovely umami and sweetness, the pale pink flesh of this yellowtail amberjack is one that impresses. It is served on a warm plate that keeps the tiny foams around bubbling. Compared to the previous courses, the firmer texture and larger flakes allow you to enjoy its clean flavour layer by layer. We especially liked the flawlessly crisped skin that contrasted well with its texture.

Snow-Aged Wagyu Beef | Shiitake Puree | Bell Pepper

What’s better than wagyu beef? Snow-aged wagyu beef! This luxurious meat is prepared with a unique traditional Japanese technique using a snow cellar, yukimuro, to preserve the freshness, tenderness and flavour of the beef. Left to age before its extremely rich and fatty marbling texture, this A4 grade beef melts divinely in your mouth. Indulge in it with the undeniable pairing of sweet red wine sauce aesthetically plated around the exquisite cut of wagyu.

It was a magnificent choice to heed the recommended degree of doneness and have it medium cooked, allowing the meat’s soft, spongy and juicy quality to shine through. The texture on its seared side gave a slightly smoky finish that left us more than impressed. An experience well worth its price for your carnivorous cravings.

Rizu Crab Risotto | Zuwai-gani Crab

This signature specialty from Rizu evolved from the harmony of Japanese and Western culinary culture. The dish is flavourfully cooked in a traditional Japanese claypot, donabe (legend has it that any rice tastes better when cooked in donabe).

True to the rave, the sizzling fragrance of the zuwai-gani crab risotto overwhelms you as soon as the lid is lifted. Each grain is cooked evenly firm yet sticky enough like how risotto should be. The mouth-watering aroma leaves you hungry again even after having so many courses. Simple but addictive, you won’t stop at one bowl.

Melon Soup | Vanilla Ice Cream | Muscat | Olive Oil Powder

The Signature Omakase course completes with this refreshing chilled dessert — not the typical kind of “soup” you have in mind. Showered with olive oil powder, the scoop of vanilla ice cream adds just enough sweetness and creaminess to the melon soup. Find yourself delighting in chunks of melon from Fukuoka and Muscat grapes from Shizuoka beneath the ice cream. It’s a dream-like way to end the luscious meal.

The hospitable restaurant nailed their service with a door gift that put a big smile on our faces.

Tuck away in a quiet corner and find yourself immersing in the background of jazz music. Rizu also offers a welcoming space for intimate or relaxing alfresco dining. What other reasons do you need?


RIZU is located at 39 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089617

For Reservations and enquiries, call +65 6904 8880 or email info [at]

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday: 12:00pm - 2:30pm, 6:30pm - 10:30pm

Closed on Monday and Sunday


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