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All About Premium Japanese Melons

Jul 01 2020 - Blog

The Japanese practise the notable tradition of gift giving, where emphasis is placed on both the presentation of the gift and its contents. Premium fruits like the Japanese melon make a popular choice due to their price, value and health benefits. 

The time and care it takes to harvest a Japanese melon reflect the hard work and dedication of the farmers. These premium melons are so highly valued that two of them were sold for US$45,000 at an auction in May 2019. In terms of sincerity, this speaks volumes to the person receiving your gift.

Watch this video to learn about the elaborate Japanese melon harvesting process:


From the orange-fleshed Yubari melon to the green-fleshed muskmelon, different varieties of seasonal premium melons are available throughout Japan. To get you started, here are some types of Japanese Melons you’ve got to try!

1. Japanese Muskmelon

Known as the “king of fruits”, the muskmelon is one of the world’s most prized luxury fruits and is often given as a gift in Japan. You may differentiate premium quality muskmelons from their distinctly thick and complicated husk with a light green skin tone.

Exploding with juice in every bite, this melon tastes amazing and carries a faint sweet aroma as beautiful as musk, which is how it got its name.

While they belong to the same family as rock melons and honeydews, muskmelons are far sweeter and juicier. They are also loaded with nutrients and have high water content, making them a cooling and hydrating treat for summer.

2. Japanese Watermelon

Nothing reminds us more of summer than the juicy Japanese watermelon – it’s just crazy delicious!

Like many other Japanese fruits, watermelons are considered a luxurious gift for respectable seniors and a presentable thank-you gift.

Watermelons are perfect as a hydrating summer snack with incredible health benefits. It boosts immune systems, combats fatigue and contains rich vitamins that are fantastic for both your skin and hair health!

3. Japanese Rock Melon

This mellow sweet fruit is characterised by its juicy orange flesh with rich, smooth and consistent texture. Japanese rock melons are popularly served as a dessert topping in Japanese cafés especially during summer!

Boasting high beta carotene content, they can be kept for a longer time compared to other melon types. They are low in calories and rich in plant-derived polyphenolic compounds, vitamins and minerals that are optimal for promoting good health.

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