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Asia X Interview with Tan Min-Li

Nov 20 2018 - Media

A global lifestyle company that puts a smile on people’s faces — creating delightful experiences beyond expectations.

Industry: Luxury Lifestyle Membership Club 

Sky Premium International - Ms.Tan Min-li

SKY PREMIUM INTERNATIONAL [Sky Premium International] is a bespoke lifestyle international brand offering curated exclusive experiences and merchandises across the globe. Headquartered in Singapore with Japan Origins, we stand tall on the top floor of Raffles Place in Singapore.

Upholding The Good Life as our corporate philosophy, Sky Premium thoughtfully curate top-class benefits and services for our valued members across the 4 Pillars: Travel, Wine & Dine, Shopping and Wellness. Sky Premium strives to help you achieve a truly fulfilling life — one that sparkles with moments worth living for.

Currently, they have 17,000 members and the annual membership fee is SGD 1200. With less than 10,000 yen a month, you can access the luxurious service of choice.

Director and ambassador Tan Min-Li is one of the region’s top corporate lawyers in the areas of capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. She is also involved in the movie business and also serves as a director of the movie production company "Xeitgeist Entertainment Group" based in Singapore. As a fashion icon in Singapore and Asia, she was featured as "The most Fashionable and Successful Woman". Playing a pivotal role as panel advisor, Min-Li is at the forefront of trends when it comes to fashion and luxury living, she provide meaningful guidance and fashion-forward sense for extended member’s benefits. It definitely entice the portal e-store where members can shop seasonal and limited-edition apparel and accessories from luxury fashion brands, as well as gourmet produce from the world over.

"As with movies, I wanted to see fashion from a different perspective from consumers, because I enjoyed the process of creating innovative concepts. By creating innovative services, we help people worldwide enjoy an enriched lifestyle and make their dreams come true.” 

What is "ideal Good Life"

Freedom. Freedom to do what I love. Freedom to have a great meal. To travel to amazing places. Freedom and time. When we curated Sky Premium offerings, that’s what we thought about. We wanted to put all these privileges in one place so you have the freedom to choose. It also gives you access to experiences and products you wouldn’t otherwise have. We are proud that we partnered with selected esteemed brands and merchants to offer insider access to closed-door events, fashion shows, wine appreciation masterclasses as well as an array of networking opportunities and business facilities.

"We aspire to be a global lifestyle company that puts a smile on everyone’s face. Singapore is the headquarter and this is just the beginning, we are planning to spread all over the world. We are not targeting on the wealthy people, we are targeting on everyone. The sky is the limit as Sky Premium is dedicated to providing quality lifestyle experiences for its members. Harnessing the power of our global network, we promise to bring you lifestyle solutions that make your dreams a reality.

Come join us in this new world of boundless experiences and enjoy life to your heart’s content.
The Good Life beckons.

Company Profile:
One Raffles Place Office Tower 2
#38-61, Singapore 048616
Tel: + 65-9617-5122