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Be Salon: The Aesthetic Experience

Apr 17 2019 - Blog

Tired of waking up to unruly hair? Let’s face it, many women go through at least 2 to 3 bad hair days in a week and it really affects our mood for the day. Most of us can only dream of waking up with perfect-looking hair. But… why should we leave our hair condition to chance when we can fix it and have gorgeous damage-free hair every day?

With the hair and beauty industry booming with hair treatment solutions, having a crown of luscious hair is more attainable than ever. That said, it can be a tad tough to settle on one salon because each has its own perks. Here’s the good news – to help you start planning your hair makeover, Sky Premium set up a date with Be Salon’s team of experienced and passionate professional stylists. 

The “Be” in the salon’s name stands for “Belief”, the driving force behind the salon’s goal of creating a better life for people. Making it their duty to be there for you through the various stages of life, Be Salon believes in designing bespoke looks to complement every individual’s unique lifestyle.

Inspired by an unrivalled service experience in Japan, Sham Adam, the founder of Be Salon, had the vision of introducing quality service culture into Singapore’s hair industry. His passion for hairdressing and his attitude of putting all his heart into his work won the hearts of many. This eventually paved his success as one of Singapore’s outstanding hairstylists. After working under various leading salons in his 16 years of experience, he made the decision to spread his wings by founding Be Salon in 2017.

As we stepped into the salon, it became clear why the brand has attracted a pool of loyal clientele. Meticulously designed to enhance their customers’ experience, Be Salon aced the interiors with contemporary touches, giving the space a neutral look that’s aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for all.

There is clearly no one-size-fits-all method in hairdressing and Be Salon upholds this belief by involving their clients in every step of the process, always starting with a specialised consultation before any service commences. Our team went through a thorough consultation with Sham on the type of treatment he would recommend based on our hair condition. With one glance, Sham was spot-on in identifying our histories of bleaching, rebonding and frequent hair dyeing that resulted in damaged locks.

After discussion, we decided to heed his advice for Keratin Care Treatment as the best solution to smoothen, get rid of frizz and restore our hair’s natural shine. Read on to see the transformation process by Henry, Be Salon’s very own creative stylist!

Getting a satisfying hair wash by the hairdresser is one of our favourite moments during salon visits. It’s like the hairdresser has magical hands that can immediately put you at ease, relaxing to the head massage while taking a whiff of the shampoo’s refreshing peppermint scent.

Specially for Keratin Care Treatment, hair wash is a 2-step process with the former being a usual hair wash for scalp care and the latter using keratin shampoo to open the pores of your scalp before clarifying it from impurities. This shampoo primes your hair prior to the treatment by making it more receptive for better absorption later.

We got to give it to Henry for his patience in combing through these stubborn tangles and constantly ensuring our comfort during his service. With vast experience of more than 18 years, Henry was quick in making us feel welcome, getting us tucked under a warm wool blanket while making friendly small-talk to understand our lifestyle and haircare habits. He listened attentively throughout the session and gave us helpful advice for maintaining healthier hair.

In line with modern demands and technological advances, Be Salon keeps their game strong by using the well-known Dyson hairdryer, the perfect dryer that protects hair from extreme heat damage. This helps the treatments and creative colourings last longer.

In the midst of applying the Keratin Care Treatment, the stylists carefully combed our hair to ensure even distribution from root to end, before leaving it on for 10 to 15 minutes. The colour reminded us of the classic pink bubble gum and sure smelled like one too!  

Each treatment typically lasts 3 to 6 months depending on the individual’s hair condition. For the best effect, make sure you use sulphate-free shampoo. As advised by Henry, you can space out your treatments between 3 to 4 months if needed.

The last step was to seal the treatment in by flat ironing the hair, which helps to bond keratin to the cuticle through heat, thereby relaxing the hair’s sub-cuticle layer for renewed shine and smoothness.

Finally, the awaited transformation after an hour and a half! Just look at the revived locks, much smoother, softer, healthier with a noticeable natural glow. We gave it a trim, yet it looks longer than before. Amazing, right? The best part of the after-treatment experience was having our natural wavy curls back after a wash… without any sign of frizz!

If you’ve always wanted to wake up with frizz-free hair, then this treatment is for you! Trust us, you will be totally obsessed with how your hair has gotten smoother and more manageable with significantly fewer tangles.

P.S. Their Japanese Airy Hair Treatment is also one of their highly raved best-selling moisture restoring treatments!

Visit this gem of a salon at the Millenia Walk for a complimentary consultation with their team of professional hairstylists about any hair concerns you have. Enjoy a refreshing wash and blow while you take a break from meetings, pamper yourself with vibrant colouring and perming, or simply get a revitalising treatment to add life to your hair.

“The sense of achievement we get from meeting happy and satisfied clients is what drives us to work harder every day.” - Sham

At Be Salon, the team believes in a positive working attitude and multiplying positive vibes will always be their way of providing top-notch services to you. It’s all about helping you to transform because they believe you deserve a better version of yourself.


Be Salon is located at 9 Raffles Boulevard Millenia Walk #02-19 Singapore 039596.

For reservations, call 6899 3667 or email care.besalon [at]

Opens daily from 11.00am to 9.00pm


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