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Celebrate the Beautiful Sakura Season in the Comfort Of Your Own Home

Mar 23 2021 - Blog

There’s a certain beauty to the Sakura – also known as cherry blossoms –, especially due to its fleeting nature. Full bloom occurs just one week after the first blossoms open; wait another week, and they all begin to fall to the ground in a graceful spiral. The Sakura season is short but sweet, making it an extremely coveted time of year.

Sakura can be found all around the world, but is most famously associated with Japan. This year, why not let Sky Premium bring the utterly beautiful Sakura season to you? Immerse yourself in all things Sakura with our wide range of limited edition Sakura items – exclusively available on Sky Premium’s eStore. Think: Sakura-themed snacks, soba, sake, and more! These products will be launched over three weeks, so do keep a lookout.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Junmai

Blessed with an elegant name, the sake is brewed using flower yeast, which has been collected and cultivated from the Kawazu Cherry Blossoms Junmai sake. Delight in a subtle aroma of cherry blossoms and tart apples; the sake is round and silky on the palate, on top of a mild sweetness.

Complete the experience by having the sake in the Sakura Sake Glass & Masu, which has a mesmerising golden cherry blossom pattern.

2. Sakura Soba

Looking as pretty as a picture, the Sakura Soba is blended with actual Sakura cherry blossom petals. This results in a pale pink colouring, with the noodles emitting an alluring scent of cherry blossoms. The Sakura Soba hails from Akita Prefecture, where Kakunodate is known for its rows of Sakura trees.

3. Sakura Busse

This snack might just be too pretty to eat! Be tempted by the delicate Sakura Busse, which is embellished with a beautiful illustration of the Sakura. If you’re wondering what’s a Busse, it comprises a soft and fluffy dough, which contains a palatable Sakura cream filling. Have it with a steaming cup of tea, or a glass of sake – it’s entirely up to you!

4. Sakura Kintsuba

Now, here’s another great teatime snack to add to the repertoire. A delightful Japanese sweet comprising Sakura leaves that are kneaded into the white bean paste, each mouthful offers a burst of sweetness.

5. Sakura Manju with Sakura Bean Paste and Milk Paste

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the snack for you! Experience different levels of sweetness with this little Sakura Manju – the Sakura bean paste is slightly less sweet, complementing the sweeter milk paste.

All of the above are now available on the Sky Premium eStore. Either purchase them as individual items, or go all out with the Sakura Okashi Box, or the Sakura Sake Box. These are perfect for gifts, or even for some self-pampering!

Here’s a little sneak preview of what’s arriving on the eStore this week:

1. Sakura Assorted Russian Cake

Meticulously processed individually through two baking processes, these Russian Cakes have been enjoyed for more than 60 years. Boasting a crisp texture and mild sweetness, these snacks are one of the popular gifts to give in Japan!

2. Shibazakura no Aya Sweet Cookie

Reminiscent of Shibazakura Park, these cookies look just as good as they taste. With a turf cherry blossom pattern embellished on it, the cookies have a crispy texture, and a delightful taste.

3. Sakura Kuzumochi

Who doesn’t love mochi? Made from Kuzuko, a type of wheat starch from Japan, the Sakura Kuzumochi packs a punch with its delicate and moderately sweet taste.

4. Seiun Special Junmai Sakura

This special pure rice wine is a real treat for sake lovers. Emitting a subtle aroma of flower years found in cherry blossoms, the sake is brewed with Sakura Flower Yeast.


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