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Exploring Indonesian Coffee with Supresso

Aug 28 2020 - Blog

Ask any coffee enthusiast about Indonesian coffee and they will likely nod their heads in approval and start inhaling its wafting aroma in their minds.

World-renowned to be well-suited for coffee plantations in terms of geography and climate, Indonesia is one of the world’s largest coffee exporters that produces highly sought-after coffee beans.

It is said that Indonesian coffee is characterised by a bold flavour with prominent earthiness. This description may be a tad generic. In fact, spanning from Aceh to Papua, the coffee from different plantations have distinctive flavours and taste notes of their own. This is thanks to the diverse geographic structures of the archipelago which affects the soil, temperature and water quality of different regions in Indonesia.

There’s a whole new world to discover about Indonesian coffee and if you’re an aspiring coffee adventurer like us, be amazed by Supresso's 50 years of expertise in this field!

About Supresso

Created to encapsulate the world of Indonesian coffee, Supresso Coffee represents Indraco Group’s vision of commemorating Indonesia’s vast and unique culture. The brand has a burning passion in presenting the various taste profiles and notes of Indonesian coffee in an untouched manner.

To introduce Indonesian coffee from different regions and areas; to showcase its true nature, roasted to accentuate the qualities of each bean – this is the goal that inspired the founding of Supresso and it applies till date.

With coffee beans sourced straight from coffee farmers across Indonesia, Supresso has built numerous trusted relationships to ensure that their customers always receive the best quality coffee beans.  

Their bestselling collection? The Single Origin collection!

The Single Origin collection houses 12 variants from all over Indonesia. As its name suggests, the beans are sourced from a single region/area and roasted in its pure state without any additions or blends.

With so many unique options to choose from, it may get a little overwhelming if you’re unfamiliar with their products. If you want some advice on your selection, you can visit their outlet at Mandarin Gallery. Their friendly personnel can help you choose your ideal coffee based on taste profiles, acidity levels, strength and more!

Catering to the preferences of coffee drinkers worldwide, the Single Origin collection is available for delivery in Drip Coffee, Coffee Capsules, Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee formats.

Specially for you reading our buzz article right now, we asked the coffee pros at Supresso for some recommendations.

If you like acidity in your coffee, start with their 100% Arabica coffee from the Single Origin collection ─ Aceh, Sumatra, Peaberry, Bali, Flores and Toraja. If you prefer a less acidic option with a stronger taste, try their Single Origin 100% Lampung Robusta coffee.

While acidity is one way to classify coffees, there are other differences such as the coffee body and strength. To discover your personalised brew, head down to their physical store today!

To Supresso, the Good Life is a continuous journey of learning, enjoying, appreciating everything and never settling for where you are. But first, a coffee a day makes the Good Life even better!

"No Matter What Type of Coffee Experience You Are After, There Is a Supresso for You"

In the upcoming years, Supresso has more interesting plans in store for Singaporeans. Do watch this brand for exciting updates that will invigorate your coffee experience!

Supresso Gallery Singapore is located at 333A Orchard Road, #03-11, Mandarin Gallery, Singapore 238897. For more information, please call +65 6250 2000.

Check out more coffee collections at

Opening Hours

Daily: 10am to 9pm


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