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Father’s Day is Coming Up! Here’s How to Make Your Dad Feel Like a King

Jun 07 2021 - Blog

Fathers often take on the weight of the world on their strong shoulders to protect their families. He has always been there for the family and Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for the family to take care of him in return.

Dine-in plans may be cancelled and outdoor activities may be reduced in light of the ongoing pandemic, but you can still make your dad feel like a king with these heartwarming Father’s Day ideas!

Prepare an indulgent home-cooked meal for Dad, featuring some of his favourite dishes

Miyazaki Ribeye Wagyu Steak

Most men are usually huge fans of a good steak and one of the best steaks that you can find in the market is undoubtedly the Miyazaki A5 Ribeye Wagyu. Loved by many for its high marbling content, this steak will melt in your dad’s mouth and wow him with its exceptional flavour.

Best consumed medium-rare, simply lightly season it with salt and pepper to retain its flavours before searing it. Bon appétit!

Oyster Bar in a Box

Bring the flavours of the ocean to your Dad this Father’s day! The Oyster Bar in a Box comes in 12, 24 or 48 pieces of assorted oysters by The Oyster Cart. You’ll receive nothing but top-notch quality and impeccable service; each oyster is meticulously cleaned and expertly packed with ice in a thermal gift box to retain its quality.

For a family of 4, a box of 24 will serve as the perfect appetiser.

Toyosu Seafood Bundle

A cosy hotpot session is one of the best ways to bond as a family. This seafood bundle is freshly flown in from Japan, with a wide variety of fresh, nutritious and high-value seafood. Simply prepare your favourite soup broth and get cooking. You can also use the seafood for a BBQ if the family prefers. Are you ready for a magnificent feast?


Elevate the Meal Experience by Pairing it with Premium Alcohol

Dassai Beyond

Bring out the flavours of your fresh oysters and seafood with this exquisite sake pairing. From the superbly well-known brewery, this sake is crafted to go beyond your expectations. With an elegance and layers of velvety taste, the Dassai Beyond is such a luxurious treat for sake beginners or aficionados alike!


Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt Whisky

A good drink can enhance the taste of a delectable hearty meal. And if a Wagyu steak is on the menu, such a flavourful dish pairs superbly well with the Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt Whisky.

Light in body yet full of flavour, this whisky is elegantly fruity with a sherry-cask character and will make a wonderful addition to your dad’s whisky collection.


Ki No Bi Sei Kyoto Dry Gin

For gin connoisseurs, the Ki No Bi Sei Kyoto Dry Gin will be the perfect gin for your favourite gin-based cocktails. The name “Sei” carries the meaning of “power” in Japanese and it is no surprise that this gin packs a more intense punch. Full-bodied and produced with 11 botanicals, this gin remains well-balanced with enhanced flavours making it a great accompaniment to your seafood dishes.


Top it off with An Extra Special Gift

OSIM uPhoria Lite Leg Massager

Help Dad unwind after work with this OSIM Leg Massager, which he can use while watching TV. The leg massager provides a full coverage massage, including the calves, ankles and feet to hit all the pressure points. Hello, relaxation!


Take the weight off his shoulders and gift Dad with a soothing professional massage experience with Natureland. A session with Natureland will get all the tension out of his body, leaving him fresh and rejuvenated for a new day.


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