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Gaston: From Burgundy with Love

Nov 20 2019 - Blog

Craving an authentic Burgundian wine & dine experience without the need to suit up? Then find your way to Gaston, a cosy all-day bistro and wine bar set along Keong Saik Road. This charming establishment gives Francophiles a compelling reason to visit the bustling dining hub.

Delve into the comfort of French fare and delicious wines with Sky Premium today as we step inside the perfect haven for a romantic dinner or a hearty meal with friends.

Deeply rooted in the heritage of a region renowned for its wines and exceptional gastronomy, Burgundian native Geoffrey Daurelle helms Gaston with the vision of showcasing and bringing homemade specialties to Singapore.

Geoffrey and his partner Jean-Christophe built Gaston to be exactly like a bistro you can find in Europe — warm, welcoming and overflowing with remarkable hospitality that inspires every guest’s dining experience. Spotting blue hues against warm lights that illuminate the interior stone and wood walls, the cordial atmosphere brings diners closer to home.

Snap your #FoodOfTheDay shot against a playful feature wall by the corner decorated with hand-drawn street art that gives the restaurant a happening urban vibe.

“Eating is a celebration of both the food before you and the company around you.”

True to the culture of the romantic land of wine, a meal isn’t really fulfilling without a glass of light-bodied white wine to clear your palate. At Gaston, you’ll be impressed by their extensive selection of wine programmes that include a “Wines by the Glass” selection of up to 15 wines. If you’re new to Burgundy wines, surprise your taste buds with the rotating “Wine Flight of the Week”.

From first-time tasters to wine connoisseurs, everyone can find a great wine pairing from Gaston’s proud collection of about 350 labels. Discover exquisite bottles hailing from France and beyond, each directly sourced from the vintner’s cellar.

Jambon Persillé

Moulded into a mosaic pattern with cooked cubes of ham and chopped parsley, Jambon Persillé is a classic specialty starter from Burgundy loved for its jelly-like texture. Served chilled and gently sliced, savour this delectable dish with mustard sauce on the side or with crusty bread.

Escargots de Bourgogne

The culinary emblem of French cuisine is no doubt the escargot! Gaston presents this classic bite-sized treat with a delightful twist to the traditional recipe by stuffing the snails within puff pastry instead of their shells. It’s the only French restaurant in Singapore that serves the dish in this glorious fashion!

Topping the incredibly fragrant and creamy flavour of the garlic and parsley butter is the added texture from the puff pastry shells that simply crumble in your mouth. The sensation is so amazing you’d want the whole plate to yourself. A good glass of white wine makes a fine complement to this starter.

Oeufs en Meurette

Here’s another dish to live for — poached eggs soaked in the rich essence of red Burgundy wine sauce, onions, bacons and sautéed mushrooms. Eat it like Singapore-style soft-boiled egg; slice open the wobbly poached egg and stir the goodness before having your mouthful of this aromatic savoury delicacy. Or take a generous dip of it with sourdough bread. Imagine having this heartening dish on a rainy day — comfort food at its finest.

P.S. We overheard a customer exclaiming, “I’ve never eaten food so good before!” Our sentiments exactly.

Quenelles de Daurade à La Crème d’Oseille

Quenelles, loosely translated as “dumpling”, is a mixture of pounded snapper fish rolled into egg shape. It has a fluffy texture like mushy potatoes, but less chewy than Chinese fish balls. Bathed with freshly cooked sorrel cream sauce, the stable of French cuisine, this pairing hints a good balance between the fish and cream. Enjoy this interesting dish with prawns and sautéed greens in wasabi butter on the side.

Boeuf Bourguignon

A rendition bound to delight French cuisine gourmands, Gaston’s beef stew is dished in red wine sauce from a personal recipe passed down from Geoffrey’s mother. This multi-faceted delicacy carries a  complex layer of flavour between the sweet sauce that neither overpowers the taste of beef nor makes you feel jelak (i.e. “sick of eating”). It is served with all-time crowd favourite mashed potato in all its buttery goodness, along with baby carrots and onions that got us hunting for their sweet, delicate tang.

Between the rich sauce cooked for 24 hours and tender beef simmered for 3 hours, we’re pretty indecisive as to which ingredient takes the centrepiece of this dish. But one thing we know for sure —it tastes like home.

Poulet Gaston Gérard

Perfectly recreated by Gaston, this simple 1930s dish — chicken fricassee in creamy mustard sauce topped with melting Gruyere cheese — has certainly withstood the test of time. The traditional Burgundian recipe traces back to an accidental tipping of a bottle of mustard over a chicken dish by Madame Gaston Gerard, wife of the then Mayor of Dijon. Sink your teeth in guilty pleasure as the juicy tender chicken falls off the bones. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

As the mains here come in large portions, we recommend sharing food so you can try as many Burgundian delicacies as possible.

Flan Pâtissier

What better way to end your meal than with a sweet dessert? Save that last space in your stomach for this vanilla custard pie, an iconic dessert found in most patisserie shops in France. The soft and smooth custard baked on a crust gets you hooked from the first bite. Scoop a mouthful of artisan vanilla gelato for a crunch among the melts — a treat for any time of the day.

A sweet spot for you to unwind at the end of the day, laughing with good company and chilling over great food and wine.

At Gaston, the authentic Burgundian dining experience goes beyond the food they serve. The team dedicates themselves to bringing you the finest French gastronomy through fresh quality ingredients and genuine service. This is The Good Life that Gaston brings to their guests, “From Burgundy with Love”.

Gaston is located at 25 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089132.

For reservations and enquiries, call +65 6909 8120 or email to info [at]

Opening Hours

Mon: 5.00 pm - 12.00 am
Tues to Fri: 11.45 am - 12 am
Sat: 5 pm - 12 am
Sun: Closed

* Tapas selection available all day

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