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Health Benefits of Sake

May 15 2020 - Blog

When drunk in moderation, the national drink of Japan has been scientifically proven to bring a handful of health benefits.

1. Reduces Cancer Risk and Boosts Brain Health

Sake is found to be relatively high in amino acids, inhibiting tumour growth and reducing the risk of contracting cancer. In particular, sake contains high concentrations of selenium, which is a mineral that helps to prevent degenerative illnesses such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s and plays a role in our metabolism.

2. Boosts Immune System and Bone Health

The enzyme found in koji — an ingredient used during fermentation — is beneficial in strengthening our skeletal muscles, preventing brittle bones and bone disorders such as osteoporosis!

3. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Friendly towards heart health, sake contains nine peptides that are naturally helpful in inhibiting high blood pressure. Moderate consumption of sake generally reduces bad cholesterol and blood clotting, protecting our heart from potential cerebrovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes.

4. Beauty Benefits

Sake is not just recognised as a drink! Did you know that components of sake are even used as cosmetic ingredients now?

Experts in the beauty industry discovered that drinking sake, taking a sake bath or simply applying sake on your face as a toner brings wonderous benefits to your skin — reducing appearance of dark spots (freckles and sun spots), skin whitening, anti-aging and skin moisturising. Apart from promoting brighter and smoother skin, drinking sake also helps to prevent allergies and could also act as a relief for eczema spots.

Health Benefits of a Sake Bath

A sake bath is one indulging way to detoxify, moisturise and revive our skin at the same time. Compared to soaking in a normal bath, a sake bath keeps us warmer for a longer time by improving blood circulation and metabolization. As a result of increased body temperature, our body produces more perspiration and this in turn detoxifies our body. When heavy metals are removed from our body, metabolic imbalances are corrected, leading to better digestion and weight management. Try this experience to pamper your body and soul and find yourself feeling refreshed from a good tight sleep after your sake bath!

How to make a sake bath

Prepare a bathtub filled with 98% warm to hot water and add approximately 400 – 900ml of sake. Pour the sake sparingly from the start — the evaporated sake may get you drunk, hence it’s important to start from a small amount like one cup. Give the bath a gentle stir and soak yourself in the essence of Japanese sake.

To enhance the effect, consider adding your favourite scent among honey, lemon, mandarin, salt and ginger!

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