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How Shoppers Benefit from Exclusive Membership Shopping Clubs

Aug 21 2019 - Blog

We’ve all had that experience of signing up for a service, only to feel neglected or pressured to buy irrelevant add-ons, hadn’t we? That’s the thing — not all businesses keep customer satisfaction and retention as their top priority. They focus so much on acquiring new customers that they forget to keep the old ones happy. They think of so many complicated but less-than-useful offerings that do little in boosting customer loyalty.

But amidst the competition, one business is thriving at winning over people’s hearts and getting them to stick — the VIP membership shopping clubs that are gaining popularity in Singapore by the minute.

These exclusive shopping clubs must be offering something special that keeps shoppers coming back for more! In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of joining an exclusive membership shopping club.

VIP Membership Clubs in Singapore

Similar to buying a luxury watch, purchasing skincare products that are specific to your needs, or having a bespoke suit tailored according to your body and style, joining an exclusive shopping club is a privilege for every Singaporean who wants to experience the fine side of life. Besides access to exclusive items, you are also entitled to member discounts and invites to member-only events, among many other benefits.


The Top 3 Benefits of Joining a Club Membership

1. Convenience

While some people think that it’s troublesome and expensive to sign up for a membership, it’s actually quite the opposite. Shopping in member-exclusive stores brings you ease and utmost convenience as they often provide everything you need under one roof — skincare, gourmet food, luxury groceries, lifestyle products and décor — to name a few. What’s more, some membership stores let you enjoy the advantage of wholesale prices without requiring you to order your desired item in bulk.

2. Exclusive Privileges

Besides getting special deals and cheaper rates, being a member of a VIP shopping club gives you privileges including access to member-exclusive events where you get the first dibs on newly released products and promo items. While regular retail stores tend to put up unpopular, off-season stock during sale events, exclusive shopping stores curate one-of-a-kind coveted pieces that members would actually buy.

3. Social Events

Shopping membership clubs are also recognised for their prestigious events, which can include closed-door invites, collection launches and exclusive in-store deals. Hence, being a VIP member means you get to mingle with high-flyers at private and luxurious events. These occasions often feature entertainment and sumptuous food, providing a great avenue to network with fellow members.

With club memberships offering such unrivalled privileges, it’s no wonder that Singaporeans are finding more value in this phenomenon.

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