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Indulge in the Premium Miyazaki A5 Wagyu!

Apr 13 2021 - Blog

Us folks at Sky Premium are all about living THE GOOD LIFE. And one big part of that is knowing how to treat yourself well – starting from what you put into your body. Apart from eating healthily and drinking enough water, eating well also includes pampering yourself from time to time. After all, what’s life without indulging in some good food?

One example is Wagyu beef. Creamy, tender, and with a delightful melt-in-your-mouth texture, Wagyu beef is revered as one of the world’s most premium foods. Take it up a notch with Miyazaki Beef, which comes from Japanese black cattle raised in Miyazaki. To qualify, these cows undergo strict quality standards! Every 5 years, a national competition – colloquially known as the ‘Olympics of Wagyu Beef’ – is held to assess different types of Wagyu Beef. At this competition, Miyazaki Beef has clinched the top prize of the Prime Minister’s Award for 3 consecutive runs, making it the best beef in Japan for a whopping 15 years! It has since enjoyed the reputation of being crowned the best Wagyu in the world.

Are you salivating yet? Sky Premium has recently introduced the Premium Miyazaki A5 on our member-exclusive eStore, so here’s your chance to try some! Take your pick from these various cuts:

1. Ribeye Steak

Juicy, buttery, and downright mouthwatering. Taken from the central part of the loin, otherwise known as the primal beef rib section, the Ribeye contains plenty of intramuscular fat, resulting in a beautiful marbling. This fat makes up more than 60% of the steak – imagine that! The steak usually contains an ‘eye’ of fat in the middle, giving rise to its namesake. This marbling softens and melts as the meat is cooked, allowing the seasoning to be infused with the meat.

Cooking Tips

Ribeye is best consumed medium-rare, so as to allow the fat enough time to fuse flavours into the meat. This results in a rich, and deliciously robust beef flavour, which makes the Ribeye one of the most prized cuts of beef.

If you prefer something more comforting, the Ribeye is available as thin slices as well – which is perfect for shabu-shabu.

2. Tenderloin Steak

With less fat marbling than the Ribeye, the Tenderloin Steak has a lean and tender texture. It’s perhaps known to be the most tender cut of beef available – giving rise to its name. Derived from the loin, the Tenderloin has a smooth and buttery taste profile, with hints of umami. In a fancier light, the Tenderloin is also known as the elegant Filet Mignon. Soft enough to cut with a fork, the Tenderloin doesn’t contain any bone, making for a fuss-free dining affair.

Cooking Tips

Due to its tenderness, the Tenderloin cooks in no time at all. It’s best to subject it to dry-heat cooking methods, such as grilling and broiling. Keep the cooking process quick and hot!

For a little more Japanese flair, have the Tenderloin as Yakiniku, where the meat’s original taste can be preserved with nothing else but just a sprinkling of salt and pepper.


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