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Intensity Training and the Science Behind It

Jun 15 2020 - Blog

As we approach Week 3 of the 21-Day WFH Exercise Programme, we will cover intensity training, which involves mobility/dynamic exercises that engage different parts of your body. It is designed to get you moving and perspiring by the end of the workout.

Intensity training has gained popularity in recent years, especially for people seeking to build strength and muscle endurance or trying to lose weight. These programmes are commonly known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and involve short intense bursts of cardio exercises. As the 21-Day WFH Exercise Programme is designed for beginners, the next seven days’ workouts will increase in difficulty progressively, so that your body can slowly get accustomed to the shift in intensity leading up to the final day.

What are Some Benefits of Intensity Training?

1. Effective way to help burn fat

Intensity training involves cardio exercises that are highly effective for fat burning/mobilisation. The intensity of the workout leads to an increased rate of fat oxidation and post-exercise oxygen consumption. During this process, your body breaks down adipose tissue and converts it into energy.


2. Helps regulate your appetite

Intensity training helps to decrease the amount of ghrelin ─ an appetite-regulating hormone. This temporarily increases your blood sugar and blood lactate level which also reduces your appetite. 


3. Increases the amount of oxygen absorbed per minute

Also known as VO2max, this affects the physical capacity of your performance during the workout. Your body has more endurance and better overall health when your VO2max is increased. VO2max is associated with the health of our telomeres (a compound structure in our DNA that regulates the ageing of our cells). Healthy telomeres lead to youthful cells and reduced risk of cancer.


4. Regulates blood glucose levels

Regular exercise helps people with pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes increase glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity which in turn helps to regulate blood glucose at healthy levels.


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