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It’s Just One Day Away to 11.11, the Biggest Shopping Event of the Year!

Nov 09 2020 - Blog

It’s never too early for a party! Join us as we start the celebrations bright and early. This November, stay tuned for plenty of deals coming your way – 11.11 is just around the corner, which means saying hello to discounts galore. Stock up on gifts or pamper yourself; it’s the perfect retail therapy that you so deserve.

It’s just one day to the biggest shopping event of the year: 11.11! Shopaholics around the world have eagerly waited for this day, a day where online and offline retailers slash their prices and offer massive discounts.

How did 11.11 come about?

11.11 has its origins in China, where it’s known as ‘Singles’ Day’. This day is dedicated to single individuals, such as bachelors or bachelorettes. The number ‘1’ looks like a bare stick, which in Chinese culture, can be attributed to a single man who is unable to contribute to his family tree. Many assume that being single is something to lament; however, Singles Day looks to turn that very conception on its head! It sees being single as something to celebrate, as being single allows you to focus on, and wholly love, yourself.

11.11 was thus born – it became a day where singles congregate at parties, and has even become one of the most popular wedding dates in China. In 2009, Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce platform, saw the opportunity to turn this day into a gargantuan one-day shopping event. This was done to promote their new e-commerce platform, Tmall; and has since evolved into a multibillion-dollar shopping day for brands across the globe.

And indeed, how better to treat oneself than with some much-needed retail therapy – and at drastically reduced prices to boot?


Pamper yourself, you deserve it

We’re throwing out all the stops this year. Sky Premium members will be able to exclusively enjoy up to 90% off over 100 products in our eStore this 11 November – think specially curated sakes, new shochu line-ups, kitchenware, branded bags, accessories, and more.

The best part? Our Zero Markup eStore cuts out the middleman, offering direct-to-consumer prices that just can’t be beat. You’ll get only the freshest products straight from the source, without any hidden costs!

To get you pumped up, check out these specially curated sakes and shochu line-ups that are perfect for the festive occasion!



Taka Special Junmai

This pure rice sake offers a dry and refreshing aroma, coupled with rich umami flavours. A pleasant and citrusy acidity rounds it off, finishing on a sharp note with a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Mimuro Sugi Junmai Ginjo

Part of the limited ‘Roman Series’ of Mimuro Cedar, this sake is brewed with the water from the sacred Mt. Miwa. The taste of the sake only gets better over time, with a pleasant sweetness that lingers on the tongue.

Hitakami Junmai Daiginjo (Rainbow Label)

Symbolising good luck, the Hitakami Junmai Daiginjo has its origins in Italy. Enticing with hints of sour and sweet, this sake has a clear and well-balanced taste. A slight bitterness rounds off the finish, on top of a tantalising grape aroma.



Ichinojo Asahi Brown Sugar Shochu

Made with brown rice koji and twice the amount of premium brown sugar, this unique shochu has an alluring brown sugar aroma.

Ginka Torikai Shochu

Made from greatly refined sake rice, this shochu tastes of licorice, tropical fruit, and gingo sake.

Kujira Imo Shochu

Inspired by the majestic kindliness and strength of a whale living in the sea, this shochu’s robust flavours are produced using Koganesengan, white jiuqu, atmospheric distillation, as well as Taramizu hot spring water (“Jukaku”). Gentle on the palate, the shochu is soft and invigorating with every sip.


Mark your calendars, 11.11 is just one day away – where Sky Premium members can enjoy up to 90% off the above products and more! If you’ve yet to become a member, there’s no time to waste; sign up now to enjoy a world of exclusive discounts and privileges.

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