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Just In! New Products From Japan’s Toyosu Market – Exclusively Available on Sky Premium's eStore

Feb 08 2021 - Blog

Hungering for a taste of Japan? Let us bring the country’s tantalising flavours to you! This week, we’re introducing a whole new range of in-season fruits and seafood, which are freshly flown in directly from Japan.

All these are available on our Zero Markup eStore, exclusively available for Sky Premium members. Here’s the line-up:

Toyosu Fruits

Mixed Strawberries

Indulge in a mix of red Japanese strawberries and white Awayuki strawberries – some rare strawberries that taste so sweet, you won’t be able to stop eating at one! This particular type of strawberries is only grown in the Saga and Kumamoto Prefectures in Japan. Low sun exposure during its maturing process gives it a light pinkish hue; the strawberries are also packed with vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Light, fragrant, and sweet – really, what’s not to like?


The starfruit has a distinctive five-point star shape, on top of a unique sweet and sour taste profile. A pleasure to look at as well as to eat, the starfruit is surprisingly low in calories, but packs a punch with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C. It’s also a great source of nutritious plant compounds, which help to reduce risk of fatty liver, as well as lower cholesterol levels.

Passion Fruits

Purple on the outside and strikingly yellow on the inside, passion fruits look just as good as they taste. A soft pulp – together with plenty of seeds! – is encased inside a hard rind; it may be small, but don’t underestimate the fruit! Passion fruits contain plenty of vitamins, and nutrients, such as fiber, provitamin A, as well as vitamin C.


Enjoy a burst of citrus with every bite of these small kumquats. Tart and juicy, the flesh of the kumquats go well with the sweet peel. Yes, the peel can be eaten too! Rich in fiber and vitamins, these kumquats are the perfect on-the-go snack. For a health boost, smash the kumquats with honey, ginger, or a pinch of salt – to create a herbal tea that helps with colds.


Known colloquially as pomelo, the buntan is often eaten during Singapore’s mid-autumn festivals. In Japan, however, it’s a crowd favourite for flavouring desserts and confections! Striking a good balance between sweet and bitter tones, the buntan has low levels of acidity, with slight hints of umami. Each juicy ‘pod’ has a glossy surface, releasing a burst of sweetness with every bite.

Hyunganatsu Oranges

Boost your immunity with the Hyuganatsu Oranges, which are also known as the New Summer Oranges. Unlike other oranges, the Hyunganatsu variety is often consumed together with the pith. The pith does not contain any traces of bitterness; in fact; it strikes a good balance with any sourness of the fruit! Tasting much like a blend of yuzu and pomelo, the oranges also help to inhibit bone loss.

Toyosu Seafood

Boiled Octopus Legs

Commonly known as ‘Tako’ in Japan, Octopus is a firm staple in Japanese cuisine. Chewy when raw, octopus is often boiled before consuming. Once boiled, the octopus legs transform into tender and sweet morsels, with an almost buttery texture. Eat them as they are, or grill, sauté, or fry for a little extra char!

Raw Jellyfish

Don’t squirm at the thought of eating raw jellyfish – this delicacy is surprisingly delightful! Crunchy, and incredibly refreshing, the raw jellyfish is often consumed as appetizers. With not much taste on its own, the jellyfish is often drizzled with a range of various dressings. The pack comes with sushi vinegar and soy sauce which, when added to the jellyfish, create an admittedly addictive snack.


Who doesn’t love mussels? Chewy and savoury, each pop of these mussels is bursting with nutritional benefits. They help you to mussel up (quite literally), boost your immune system, provide a good source of iron and protein, and accelerate healing processes. Easy to cook and elegant as a dinner dish, the mussels can be cooked in a variety of ways.

Shi Jimi Clams

Small and cute, Shi Jimi Clams are often used as an ingredient for savoury miso soups. Containing high levels of ornithine, the clams are especially useful in relieving hangovers and fatigue. Boasting bursts of umami with each bite, the clams are sweet, with a delightfully buttery texture.

Tara Shirako

This is something that isn’t commonly seen in Singapore! A popular Japanese delicacy, Tara Shirako comprises the sperm sacs of the male fish. In other words, it’s edible fish semen – white in colour with mild hints of sweetness, the Tara Shirako has a creamy texture when cooked. If you choose to eat it raw, expect a slightly rubbery texture, and a malleable consistency.


And yes, we’ll say it again – all of the above are freshly flown in from Japan’s Toyosu Market! Are you ready to eat your way to Living THE GOOD LIFE? All these – and more! – are available on Sky Premium’s member-exclusive eStore. The eStore brings you the finest selection of novelty lifestyle items with our curated partners, luxury branded products, and premium Japanese delicacies freshly flown in from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market.

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