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Kan Sushi x Sky Premium: Sake & Sushi Masterclass

Dec 18 2020 - Events

Pairing sake with sushi is a foolproof classic. However, finding a pairing that accentuates the flavours of both sake and sushi is much more complicated than it seems, even when the versatility of sake as a food wine is much lauded!

With that in mind, Sky Premium collaborated with Kan Sushi,  our wine & dine partner, to organise a one-hour masterclass webinar last November.

Specially for the lovers of Japanese cuisine and culture, the masterclass was led by Chek Wong, a Certified Wine and Spirits Educator, Writer, and Sommelier, with 11 years of experience. During the masterclass, our members and guests had the opportunity to learn about the art of sake-sushi pairing. Chek Wong even revealed his go-to secret on how the taste profiles – i.e. flavours, acidity, richness, texture, and more – of different sake complement different sushi ingredients!

(From left: Shigemasu, Junmai Daiginjo; Kiseki no Sake, Junmai Ginjo; Jungin, Junmai Ginjo; Sakura Sparking Sake; Kiseki no Sake, Junmai Ginjo)

The masterclass was accompanied by a complimentary pairing menu, which was delivered directly to each attendee’s doorstep. Worth a total of SGD250, the pairing menu contained a 9-piece Jyo Sushi Set from KAN Sushi, as well as 4 specially chosen sakes – ranging from fruity brews to rich and smooth sakes.

The insightful session ended with a dedicated time for our guests to interact with like-minded individuals.

To all our attendees, we hope you enjoyed the session, and learned something interesting to share with your sake-loving friends the next time you dine. We look forward to hosting you again!

Missed our webinar? Check out the highlights in the video below!

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