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KOMA Singapore: A Multi-sensory Dining Experience

Feb 11 2021 - Blog

You’ve seen them – multiple posts and stories circulating on Instagram showing the striking 20-metre passageway lined with orange arches, reminiscent of the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto. We’re sure that those posts made you ponder if the travel restriction to Japan has been lifted; sadly, however, it may be a while until your next trip to the Land of Rising Sun. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experience what’s it’s like to be transported to Japan!

Explore beyond the torii gates at Marina Bay Sands, and find yourself inside the intimate lounge of KOMA Singapore. When you first step in, be greeted by an imposing 2.5m tall bell that presides above a traditional Japanese foot bridge, complemented by soaring high ceilings.

Unlike anything you’ve seen before, this sequel exemplary concept of Tao Group Hospitality presents a next-level dining experience. This features a modern interpretation of Japanese cuisine in a dramatic and unique setting, created by Rockwell Group, a world-renowned design firm.

Did you know: “KOMA” is a female name, imagined as a playful heroine for the restaurant that is both benevolent and mischievous.

Playing with a sense of opposites and multiples throughout the restaurant, the charming interior of KOMA impresses with tones of blue and orange – infusing a mood that is calming, yet uplifting. Warm intimate lights, together with pops of bold orange and copper, accentuate the energy-lifting ambiance, whilst touchstones from Japanese folklore and mythology embody Japanese design in a modern way. Look closely, and you’ll realise the “faces” surrounding the iconic bronze bell differ slightly in their expressions, symbolising ‘the many faces of Japanese cuisine’.

Offering innovative and original creations, KOMA takes on a bold and distinct approach in its menu. They incorporate fresh and seasonal ingredients sourced both locally and across the globe, from renowned markets such as Tokyo’s Toyosu Market, the world’s largest wholesale fish market. You’ll also find specialty Japanese ingredients such as Kinmedai, a premium red fish that is also known as ‘Golden Eye’.

Here’s what you – and your stomach! – can expect:

Crispy Chicken
with Flat Rice, Truffle Salt & Tomato Ponzu

For starters, we love how the coated flat rice around this bite-size chicken add a different mouthfeel – much unlike your usual karaage chicken. With sprinkles of truffle salt, the mild aroma brings out a more subtle flavour that blends well with every bite.

Salmon Carpaccio
with Salmon, Pea Sprouts, White Radish, Micro Herbs, Chili Oil, Cucumber Lime Puree & Yuzu Dressing

There’s no better way to experience the freshness of ingredients than with a sashimi dish. With the omega glory of salmon, this Italian-turned modern Japanese carpaccio takes on a creative Asian spin! Whilst the yuzu dressing perfectly accents the thinly sliced salmon with a fresh citrusy flavour, the use of chili oil in place of the usual sesame or olive oil makes for an ingeniously unique “smokier” finish.

Yellowtail Ginger Jalapeño
with Aji Amarillo, Cilantro, Soy & Lime

Here, the yellowtail, otherwise known as Hamachi, is served with a dab of chopped South American yellow chilli pepper, and cilantro, atop a generous soy bed – of which we believe is the secret to this flavourful appetizer. A thicker cut as compared to the Salmon Carpaccio, the yellowtail gives you enough to discern and appreciate its “springy” and fresh texture.

Crispy Tokyo Gyoza
with Chicken, Cabbage & Miso

You would think that all gyoza taste the same across Japanese restaurants, but not at KOMA! The pan-fried gyoza here have a generous amount of fillings, encased in a layer of thin skin. A flavourful combination of chicken and cabbage – not too oily, either! –, which pairs well with the miso dips by the side. For a more lavish option, a wagyu beef gyoza is also up for grabs.

Bincho Sakura Chicken
with Pickled Cherry Tomatoes, Crispy Shallots & Steamed Rice

Prepared using the traditional way of Japanese charcoal grilling, the Bincho Sakura Chicken is one of KOMA’s signature mains – featured as a selection in their lunch sets, or as an ala carte dish during dinner. Nothing too fancy in its presentation, but rest assured that the quality of  the juicy and tender meat is top-notch. The crispy shallots are worth a mention as well, adding an addictive crunch and savoury taste.

Barbecued Short Rib
with Gem Lettuce, Kochijan & Steamed Rice

One of the crowds’ favourites, this Korean-inspired barbecue recipe is a real showstopper! Forget about wolfing down your meal without getting your hands dirty, and feast on ribs seasoned with a perfect marinated blend of sweet and savoury. Pick up the fresh greens, and wrap the meat along with some rice and kochijan dip – just like how you’d eat Korean barbecue!

Exploring more choices? Whet your appetite with more crowd favourites, such as their Salmon Pillows, a sashimi grade salmon draped over perfectly puffed pastry, and filled with yuzu scented avocado; Truffle Unagi Roll; and Snow-Aged Japanese A-5 Hobayaki Sirloin from Niigata, a well-marbled sirloin brimming with umami flavour.

with Molten Dark Chocolate & Crunchy Praline

No culinary journey is complete without dessert, and here is one heavenly chocolate fix we’d vouch for anytime! As the name suggests, this life-like dessert is designed as a miniature replica of the Japanese art form bonsai. In fact, except for the plate, every part of this rich molten dark chocolate bonsai is edible! It scores high not only on its creative aesthetics, but also how each “piece” – from chunks of matcha sponge cake to chocolate-coated sticks – delicately contributes to the concept. A must-try indeed!

Lemon Yuzu
with Lemon Mousse, Yuzu Jam & Cacao Crumble

Before we crack it open, doesn’t this dessert look exactly like a real lemon? Great for those who love sour flavours, this dessert contains tons of refreshing citrus flavour, on top of a creamy, fluffy lemon mousse. The cacao crumble by the side complements this sourness with its sweetness, resulting in a more balanced finish.

Aren’t KOMA’s dessert selections a feast for both the eyes and palates?

KOMA Canary
with Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla Gin, Lemon Juice & Saffron Syrup

KOMA’s extensive drink menu is just as impressive, boasting a wide range of drinks. These range from house concoctions and wines to sake, ume and yuzu shu – there’s a drink for everyone! For those who are spoilt for choice, the menu is broken down by flavour profile to help with pairing selections.

The signature KOMA Canary is an enjoyable and refreshing cocktail that’s served out of a glass canary – a one-of-a-kind presentation. The first sip hits strong with a bittersweet taste, before opening up to reveal a refreshing, distinctive citrus flavour, with a sparkling finish.

Sawayaka Sake
with Tried & True Vodka, Yuzu Sake, Shiso Juice & Spiced Honey

Easily knock down this smooth drink with a sour flavour. This refreshing tipple is a rendition of a fine and neutral vodka infused with mixers that brings out its complexity – complete with a light scent of yuzu, a mysterious flavour brought forth by the presence of shiso juice, as well as hints of spiced honey to warm up a sweeter finish. Perfect when paired with light dishes.

For a similar flavour profile, KOMA recommends the Umeshu Sunrise, which uses Japanese plums to balance the sweetness with a touch of sour. Additions of grapefruit soda and togarashi spice are also included in this drink.

Sake by the Carafe

Take your Japanese dining experience up an authentic notch with the establishment’s choice of sake by the carafe. Getting to choose our own vessel was our favourite part! Indeed, it’s not just about finding one that aesthetically resonates with you, but experiencing how different vessel sizes enhance your sake experience.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind. For starters, smaller cups with a round bud shape bottom – Ochoko – are more ideal for an overall balance in terms of aroma and volume. Its slightly larger counterpart with a wider rim – Guinomi – gives more room to enjoy the aroma of modern brews, such as Ginjos or Daiginjos. A horn-type cup like the Mount Fuji design – on the bottom right of the photo above– , helps to better accentuate the bouquet of sake.

There’s plenty left to learn, but its best for you to experience it yourself. Pick a few sizes, and taste the difference!

With an ambience and interior that is out of the world, walking into KOMA transports you to another dimension” unlike anything you will ever encounter. Attuned to the pulse of the lion city, you’ll also find special promotions on special occasions, whether for Chinese New Year or Valentine’s Day. Be sure to spot the seasonally changed menu, which continually refreshes to allow guests to enjoy a different experience each time they visit.

While whims and fancies differ between individuals and cultures, KOMA believes that people are universally brought together in the presence of food and drink, life, love and laughter – all of which are served in abundance at KOMA, which encompass their definition of THE GOOD LIFE.

Lose yourself for a moment and come along with Sky Premium on this inviting gastronomic journey at KOMA Singapore. 


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KOMA Singapore is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, #B1-67, Singapore 018972. For more information, please visit


Opening Hours

Every day

Lunch 11:30am – 3pm (Last order at 2.30pm)

Dinner 5pm – 12am (Last order at 11.30pm)

Takeaway 5.30pm - 11.30pm (Last order at 11.30pm)


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