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Lifestyle Membership Club: An Introduction

Mar 01 2019 - Blog

The way Singaporeans live is changing. More and more people are turning to lifestyle memberships to avail the exclusive privileges they offer - and along with the influx of private club members are the increasing number of luxury membership clubs in the city.

But, what’s interesting is that while membership clubs in the past are exclusive to a specific interest or a social class, most VIP clubs today are intended to cater to a diverse range of lifestyle preferences.

What Drives The Historic Lifestyle Membership Boom?

Studies show that lifestyle membership clubs increase by as much as 4% every year with VIP clubs expanding and opening new locations in Singapore and many other cities across the globe.

While it’s true that these expansions made lifestyle memberships easily accessible, there are many other factors that fuel the demand for the luxurious lifestyle VIP clubs can offer. One of these is the growing consciousness among consumers on the importance of engaging in a healthy and active lifestyle; and obviously, they’ll see joining fitness clubs as a great way to do so.

In this article, we detail further what a lifestyle membership is and the reasons why you should consider signing up for one.

What is Lifestyle Membership?

There are many different types of membership clubs - social clubs, sports and recreation clubs, fitness clubs, and dining clubs to name a few. But, what they all have in common is the fact that they’re all created to gather together different individuals with a shared interest and at the same time offer exclusive privileges to its members.

A lifestyle membership, on the other hand, is an all-inclusive service that offers more than one particular service to cater to a diverse range of lifestyle needs. Here at Sky Premium International, for instance, we create an ultimate experience for our valued members by providing them with a world of exclusive privileges through the four pillars of good living - travel, wine & dine, shopping and wellness.

Benefits of Joining A Lifestyle Club

Members of different interests benefit from luxury membership clubs in different ways. Below are some of them:


One of the obvious benefits of joining a club is the opportunity to participate in events and meet like-minded individuals. Clubs usually have an impressive number of members, offering you a chance to network and expand your social circle.


Most exclusive lifestyle clubs partner with different health and fitness facilities to provide you with a wide range of options to engage in sports and other activities that will help you live a healthier lifestyle, often at a discount.


Besides discounts in health and fitness centres, a lifestyle membership also entitles you to discounts and member’s exclusive promos. These can cover anything from discounts on accommodations, flights and special offers in shopping and dining places.

These benefits barely scratch the surface as there are far more compelling reasons why you should join a lifestyle membership. But, besides considering what a lifestyle membership can offer you, it’s equally essential to know what makes a good lifestyle membership.

What Does a Good Lifestyle Membership Offer?

As mentioned, there are far more exclusive lifestyle clubs than you can imagine. But, finding one that offers everything you need to live a tasteful lifestyle can help trim down your options.

Sky Premium is the first member’s exclusive privilege service club committed to enriching lives of members across the globe. We offer a world of exclusive privileges and personalised services to ensure that you spend quality time enjoying life’s best and luxurious pleasures.

Discover what Sky Premium and our well-curated list of over 200 brand partners can give you:

• Travel - Journey in comfort with our atlas-wide destination options, each provided with cosy amenities, discounted stay rates, and other premium travel club privileges that guarantee you to travel in style.

• Wine & Dine - Feast to your heart’s content with our exclusive dining offerings from best-in-house tables to off-the-menu dinner courses, and exquisite wine pours and treats.

Shopping - Discover limited-edition items from off-radar lifestyle brands with invites to product launches, exclusive in-store deals and rewards.

• Wellness - Delight in a catalogue of health and aesthetic services from upgraded spa therapies, hair treatment and makeovers, gym access and more.


When you join Sky Premium, we guarantee to provide you only with our handpicked recommendations that are available all year round, all with one card.

Discover the treasures that await you, apply for a Sky Premium membership today!