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Lo Hei with Sky Premium

Jan 23 2020 - Events

In celebration of the Lunar New Year 2020, Sky Premium was thrilled to host our first-ever Lo Hei party this January! It was a lively evening filled with auspicious greeting exchanges as we tossed to abundance of good fortune and “squeaked” our way to a joyous start.

Welcoming the Year of the Rat with adorable rodent yusheng!

Bathed in overflowing citrus fragrance, the night was sweetened by these luscious oranges from Toyosu Market. This customary fruit is well-loved by the Chinese for its symbolism of wealth, thanks to its Cantonese name “kam”, which translates to “gold”.

In this special evening, Sky Premium’s guests blessed their taste buds with 4 premium varieties of oranges⁠—Japanese Mandarin, Ponkan, Dekopon and the unique hybrid Setoka. Famed for their rich, refreshing and juicy flesh, the wholesome orange feast left our guests craving for more.

Awayuki White Strawberries and Japanese Strawberries

If you’ve ever tasted a Japanese strawberry, you’d know it is one of the sweetest berries in the market. Just look at the unique light pink colour of the Awayuki White Strawberry, reminiscent of beautiful cherry blossoms. You’ll be surprised by its freshness at first bite.

The spirit of pure indulgence in luxurious Toyosu seafood returns with its unrivalled sweetness and quality. Delicately sliced and plated, the assortment of the freshest selections made for a truly authentic Japanese sashimi and sushi dining experience.

An auspicious start to the Lunar New Year with… ang bao giving! Sky Premium specially prepared 6 brain-teasing riddles, questions and a fortune lucky draw for our guests to receive some surprise ang bao blessings from us.

P.S. We dropped hints to the answers in our opening speech, so if you’ve been paying special attention, getting them right would be a piece of cake.

Congratulations to our lucky winners!

Spot our member Yuey along with his wife Claire!

Sky Premium is ever grateful to our guests who made this Lunar New Year celebration so spectacular.

May The Good Life bring us prosperity, success and ever-lasting sweetness (甜甜蜜蜜) with our loved ones.


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