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Mag’s Wine Kitchen: The Soul of Modern French Cuisine

Sep 24 2019 - Blog

Like the heart and hub of our homes, the kitchen is where we bond over good food and conversations in comfort, where magic overflows with mouth-watering aroma.

So it’s no wonder that the open kitchen concept has been taking centre stage in the food scene lately. Live attraction, entertainment, transparency and the experience of dining by the counter have been receiving so much love from customers that dining out is no longer just about cravings!

To our team at Sky Premium, open kitchens evoke a sense of homeliness, and we recently felt this cosy feeling at Mag’s Wine Kitchen.

Tucked away on Keong Saik Road, Mag’s Wine Kitchen was one of the first restaurants in Singapore to feature a completely open kitchen — an uncommon sight 23 years ago. The establishment is helmed by banker-turned-chef Magdalene Tang, who is a food and wine aficionado. She bore the idea of creating an inviting space for diners by welcoming them to step into the restaurant through the kitchen and enjoy the camaraderie on the chef’s table.

Mag’s open kitchen lets you in on the behind-the-scenes action by providing a multi-sensory spectacle as the chef works his culinary magic. With all the ingredients delicately assembled in front of you, the sights, sounds and smells can really work up an appetite. The beauty of this two-way exchange is feeling the chef’s passion and seeing the satisfaction reflected on his face when diners are delighted with the food.

At Mag’s Wine Kitchen, Magdalene constantly reviews the menu, keeping things fresh and manageable with 5 starters, 5 to 6 main dishes and 3 to 4 desserts. The menu is further spiced up by the introduction of daily food specials decided by the chef on the day itself!

You’ll find yourself winding down in their cosy and comfortable setting against the wine cellar that holds Mag’s proud Bordeaux & Burgundy collection. Spoilt for choice? Consider the recommended “Wine of the Week” written on a special chalkboard menu placed against the brick wall near the entrance.

 “Our motto is to use the freshest ingredients available in the market and never short-change our customers on quality. There are no shortcuts to our cooking.”

True to the motto, here are 3 signatures dishes to eat while you are at Mag’s Wine Kitchen!

Alaskan King Crab, Grilled Melon, Tomato Cloud

Starting off with something light yet refreshing, we indulged in the sweet flesh of Alaskan king crab! An elegant combination to top off the juicy grilled melon and tomato cloud pairing, for those who like a dip that hits the spot.

Braised Kurobuta Pork Cheeks, Caramelised Apple, Apple Puree

Some juicy meaty goodness for pork lovers out there! If you have been shying away from cheek cut, you might just be missing out on one of the best meat strips – lean but tender, dry but juicy. Kurobuta pork cheeks are known for being succulent especially when slow-braised, which allows enough time for the meat to be properly tenderised and melt into the sauce. The result is truly heavenly on top of the synergy with the crunchy caramelised apple and apple puree. The pairing gives this dish an added layer of sensation with every bite you take. Go ahead and ask the restaurant to recommend you a red wine from their collection to complete your experience!

Braised Duckling with Olives (Duck aux Olives)

Braised in its own juices for 4 hours with vermouth, the duck is infused with quality olives from Valle del Belice in south-western Sicily. This recipe requires time and patience for the meat to soak in its rich flavourful sauce. The meat is so incredibly tender that it literally falls off the bone! Even the bones are so delicious you can just slurp up everything from start to finish.

Each thought that goes into Mag’s Wine Kitchen is personally curated by Magdalene, who envisions her customers gathering like how families always sit around the dining table and share big platters of meat.

“Eat, Pray, Love.”

To Magdalene, to live The Good Life is to expand one’s life experiences — travelling to novel places, eating interesting food and meeting new people. Make your reservation with Mag’s Wine Kitchen today.

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Mag’s Wine Kitchen is located at 55 Keong Saik Road #01-06, Singapore 089158

For reservations and enquiries, call +65 6438 3836 or email info [at]

Operating Hours:

Mon-Fri 11:30am - 2:30pm, 5:00pm - 10:00pm
​Sat: 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


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