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Mark Your Calendars: Earth Hour is Happening This Saturday, 28th March 2021

Mar 26 2021 - Media

Every last Saturday of March, the lights across the world go out for an hour. Ever wondered why? This is due to Earth Hour, a movement started by the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) and various partners back in 2007. Championed worldwide, the movement is practiced by millions of people in more than 180 countries.

Earth Hour 2021

How does this work? To show their support for the environment, people around the world join forces to switch off their lights, at a specific time and date, for an entire hour. As WWF very aptly puts it, Earth Hour is a “powerful symbol of unity. A symbol of hope. A symbol of power in collective action” – and is something that is happening this Saturday!

Say hello to the Singapore Kosong Plan!

This is in line with the Singapore Kosong Plan, which is “a commitment that brings businesses, organisations, and individuals together to help achieve a low carbon, climate resilient Singapore”. The word ‘Kosong’ means zero in Malay, which aligns with the aim of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. The Kosong Plan hopes to encourage individuals or businesses to live less, and encourage daily climate actions.

Head to this website to create your very own personalised Kosong Plan, where you’ll be prompted to indicate whether you intend to eat, shop, travel, and/or use energy, more responsibly. You’ll then be given various options to achieve each goal; for example, you can eat more responsibly by purchasing locally grown produce, shop more responsibly by supporting businesses that are committed to using single-use plastics, travel more responsibly by taking public transport or walking whenever possible, and use energy more responsibly by switching to a green energy supplier. You’ll then be sent a customised email summarising the plan – it’s that simple!

Sky Premium’s joining in to do our part

2021 marks Sky Premium’s 2nd year of taking part in WWF’s Earth Hour campaigns. We acknowledge that Living the GOOD LIFE is only possible if we treat our planet well, and hence want to go all out in undertaking our corporate social responsibility.

We put out a call to our followers on Instagram to join us in brewing their own Kosong Plan. Our sustainability efforts include producing eco-friendly products and door gifts, such as non-plastic utensils and bottles. We make it a point to only utilise FSC certified papers, i.e. Fuji Xerox, and use reusable or biodegradable Sky Premium logo bags for any purchases from our eStore.

We recognise that climate change is an ongoing effort, and we hope that all our members and followers can join us in doing their part! Our actions might not make that much of an impact on their own but, together, we might be able to make a difference.

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