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Meet Magento Asia 2018: Bangkok

Dec 01 2018 - Events

Sky Premium was honoured to participate in one of Asia’s biggest e-commerce events, Meet Magento Asia 2018. The event brought together e-commerce builders, innovators and various decision makers across Asia.


Representing us to deliver a keynote was Alvin Tan, our IT Product and Development Manager. Alvin heads the technology team in Sky Premium International with specialists and professionals who are responsible for conceptualising, designing, developing and delivering products to our members in both the Japan and Singapore markets.

He shared with the crowd his experiences and insights from building and leading a new product team to solve these challenges, while addressing the question: “What is the ultimate luxury in e-commerce?”


“Is it the fastest car, the most stylish dress, that desirable designer bag, or the most expensive pair of shoes?”

The leadership team at Sky Premium had all these questions in mind when attempting to conceptualise, develop and deliver a brand-new set of platforms and products for our growing membership base, and time was certainly not on our side.



Below is the transcript of Alvin Tan’s presentation at Meet Magento Asia 2018:

“Four weeks back, when I was first presented with this opportunity to speak, I thought for a very long time about what I should be presenting. Seriously, I could not settle on a subject or topic that I think has not been touched upon before.

I am sure many of you sitting in the audience, the C-levels, directors, managers and subject matter experts, have sat through countless presentations on the latest technologies, the hottest products, the upcoming trends and transformations, from various events, seminars and webcasts. Truth be told, I think that I should not make you sit through another one of those presentations.

So, while I was brainstorming at home on a Sunday morning, I happened to look down at my two dogs who are seven and six years old (by the way, that is equivalent to about 49 years old and 42 years old in our human lifespan) and I asked them, “What do you think I should talk about?”

The two of them just stared at me wide-eyed. It felt like a long moment then – them looking at me, and me looking back at them. It was quite a magical moment, and quite unforgettable I must say. And then it struck me.


I want to pause the scene here, and ask a very humble question to all of you:

“When did you last spend that one moment with your wife, husband, kids, your parents, or your loved ones, that was quite unforgettable?”

Perhaps that one morning, afternoon or evening, when the weather was fine, the scene was beautiful. The lights somehow lit the scene perfectly, the sounds were just right, and you fondly remember that texture, that feeling, that touch, and that moment. And you had no distractions, no worries, no anxiety.

Just that moment. Just you, your loved ones, and perhaps the couple of things you all shared at that moment.

Perhaps you may ask, “Alvin, how does all of this relate to e-commerce or digital transformation?”

I think it does.


Today, we live in a world filled with conveniences. We’ve got our sleek iPhones Xs or the shiny Samsung Galaxy Notes in our pockets, the powerful and light Macbook Airs in our bags. We’ve got the latest technologies and tools right at our disposal. Cloud, SaaS, Dockers and micro-services, all begging for us to try and adopt.

As consumers ourselves, we are surrounded by thousands, if not millions, of innovative products being released every day, both on the physical and digital fronts. Every hour, there are new products out there to track our well-being more accurately, vacuum our homes better, squeeze that juice more easily, or brew that cup of coffee at the perfect volume, at the perfect temperature, with that specially designed coffee cup to enhance our coffee-drinking experience.

We are exposed to hundreds of advertisements everywhere. From billboard ads, to marketing promotions and campaigns, slow mails, to SMS-es, emails, now real-time notifications, all in a bid to drive product sales numbers, through the retail brick-and-mortars, e-commerce stores, social media platforms, and just about any medium that we can think of.

And now, we can buy just about anything we want (legally of course) right from our sleek iPhones, shiny Samsung Galaxies. Order food, grab a ride, chat with your friend who is somewhere else.


Today, it is no longer just about getting more customers, creating better products, conceptualising the most effective promotions, and/or pushing more sales numbers.

I strongly believe that we are able to do those proficiently now. And from all the graphs, diagrams and figures that we have all seen before, we have reached the tipping point, and way past that.

To be honest, I am not able to predict the future. But every single one of us can have visions of the future.


And here’s my vision of the future:

“Our customers get less distractions, so that they have more time to focus on things that truly matter to them.”

When was the last time you have truly opened and read every single email that you have received today, yesterday, or for the last week? Even if we do manage to read and clear every single message that we have received today, are we able to continue to do this every single day? If our answer is clearly a “NO”, shouldn’t we focus on making that one message effective and memorable for a long while?

“Our customers do not have to wait till the next big sale or promotion to act.”

Was there a time when you held back on a purchase, or held someone else back on his/her purchase, by saying something like “let’s wait for a sale” or “let’s wait for a promo code”? Why are we crafting big sales promotions and events such as 12.12, Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, to only show that “hey our marketing campaign was tremendously successful because we drove the sales through the roof by X percentage for that one day or short period of time” when for most days, our sales are like na-da. Then the cycle repeats. We put many departments together again to craft the next big campaign and event, and now each campaign has to be more successful than the previous one. If we are really customer-centric and we know what our cost price and cost-of-sales are, shouldn’t we give our customers a good price right when they are looking at buying that product or service? Why do we have to make them wait?

“Our customers get the time to be delighted in the experience.”


May I ask all of you to take a moment to recall the last memorable thing or service that you had paid for? Was it a book that you wanted to read, a handbag that you had always wanted, a watch that you needed to own, a toy that your kids had pestered you to get for them, or that relaxing spa retreat with your spouse?

How was the experience? Do you still remember the touch, the sight, the sound, and maybe the scent of it? What were your feelings during that experience? Was it pleasant or unpleasant? Were you delighted or frustrated?

The process of exploring, spending and receiving is the experience. The experience of taking the time to enjoy what the product or service truly has to offer, should be the core. The experience of having our customer service go that extra mile to make our customers’ day better, by offering a little something to make it personal for them, ultimately makes our products and services all the more memorable.


Therefore, if you ask me, “What is the ultimate luxury in e-commerce?”

My answer to that question would be TIME.

TIME is the ultimate luxury.

And that is our vision at Sky Premium International.

We aspire to see our members smile.

We aspire to let our members have time.

Time to focus on what truly matters. Time to experience what life has to offer.



And now, we end the event by giving one of our lucky participant, the ultimate luxury of life.

*DRUMROLL* Congrats to Dr Varanyu Suchivoraphanpong for winning our Grand Lucky Draw prize: 1-Year Sky Premium Membership!