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A Michelin Star Experience with Garibaldi

Nov 20 2020 - Blog

When it comes to getting your fix of Italian fare, our food paradise in Singapore is filled with bountiful choices from pizza houses to pasta restaurants. But for our readers with discerning palates, we know you’ll only settle for the very best.

So we’ve handpicked the Michelin-starred Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar ─ one of our city’s most popular and respected food establishments ─ to pamper your taste buds as the festive season approaches.

Authentic Italian cuisine, fresh ingredients, a cosy and contemporary atmosphere ─ these are what you’ll find behind the humble entrance of this award-winning restaurant nestled among the shophouses on Purvis Street.

Inside, the hallway extends into different rooms, ensuring ample seating space for guests to dine comfortably. The interior is a tranquil environment brought forth by warm brown tones, instilling the concept of a traditional Italian home with its welcoming décor.

Unlike some Italian restaurants that specialise in Northern or Southern Italian cuisine, Garibaldi delights in serving dishes from all over Italy.

This expression of identity was birthed when Roberto Galetti, Executive Chef & Owner, and his restaurant manager who came from the opposite ends of Italy decided to unify Italy through its flavours ─ inspired by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian general who unified Italy in 1861.

Diners can look forward to an extensive menu prepared with ingredients imported directly from Italy. From the à la carte menu that serves traditional dishes of Italy, the Michelin menu, signature menu, set lunches, to the specials menu that follows the seasonality of the ingredients, be assured that Garibaldi only serves authentic dishes that hail from Italy itself!

Enjoyable from starter right down to dessert, here are a few chef-recommended dishes we’ve tried:

Cold Angel Hair
with Bafun Sea Urchin, Scallop Tartare, Antonius Caviar & Golden Leaf

A Garibaldi signature, this best-selling crowd favourite is sophistically presented in a bowl of ice blends to maintain its chilled temperature. Luxuriously served with toppings of fresh, creamy and delicate Bafun sea urchin that melts in your mouth with its umami flavour. Savour this alongside Antonius Caviar, one of the best caviars in the world known as "black gold" among the most demanding chefs and gourmets.

Since scallops are in season now, Garibaldi specially incorporated scallop tartare for an added texture to this dish. Finishing with a simple dash of lemon zest and parsley sauce, the refreshing tang of the pasta remains memorable till date. The combination was simply perfect and appetising.

Finest Italian Parma Ham
with Fresh Burrata Cheese & Porcini Mushrooms

Parma ham (Prosciutto di Parma) is one of the most appreciated traditional classic Italian specialties. The beauty of its colour shines through the finely cut slices, naturally sweet, non-salty and fresh in the mouth. Its delicate taste makes it an iconic combination with burrata cheese, and a flavourful one with the presence of garlic marinated porcini mushrooms – another in-season ingredient prized in Italian cuisine.

Whilst the oozing of cheese was less exaggerated compared to molten chocolate cakes, the creamy buttery texture makes this dish an enjoyable and simple side for cheese lovers. We got to say this dish is an absolute must-try!

Poached “Toretama” Egg in a Filo Basket
with Potato Cream and Porcini Mushrooms with Alba White Truffle

Autumn marks the perfect season to try the coveted gem of Alba, Piedmont ─ white truffles! This dish is one of Garibaldi’s recent Truffle Seasonal Special creation. Unlike the usual poached eggs, the yolk of “Toretama” eggs are much creamier and richer in taste. A delicacy on its own but divine in multiple textures when combined with the crisp of the filo basket, buttery smooth potato cream and flavourful porcini mushrooms.

Piedmont Tajarin Thin Noodles
with Butter, Sage & Alba White Truffle

Another of Garibaldi’s white truffle specials. These golden thin strands doused in butter and sage are a classic recipe from the northern Italian region, Piedmont. Famous for centuries in the region, these noodles are made with only egg yolks and often served simple with butter, cheese or truffles – condiments that are respecting of the local culinary tradition. Richly tantalizing, this dish is comforting to any Italian soul.

Classic Spaghetti Vongole
in White Wine Sauce, Parsley & Bottarga

Exceptionally popular among the Japanese community and rightfully familiar among pasta lovers, the medley of clams, parsley and the specialty of southern Italy – bottarga – makes this a delicious and hearty dish for any time of the day. The briny juices from the clams smother just enough flavours for the dish while the saltiness of bottarga adds a little more seasoning.

At Garibaldi, you can boldly expect excellent quality and authenticity in their dishes. As one of their customers put it, “I had this pasta with vongole and bottarga when I was in Sicily, I’m so happy now I can have it in Singapore as well.”

Pan-Seared Atlantic Cod
with a Nespresso Crust in a Carrot & Sambuca Cream Sauce

The last and most awaited main dish that we highly doubt you can find outside of Garibaldi. This unique dish sparked off from a special partnership with Nespresso, using coffee powder as the coat of this pan-seared Atlantic cod. One of the most unusual pairings of ingredients we’ve seen… because who would have thought that coffee and fish goes so well together?

The layered texture was perfect; from the tenderness of the cod’s flesh to the slight crisp of the Nespresso crust. Not to mention the sambuca cream sauce blends on the palate with a taste much like “coffee”. Also, the vegetables on the side deserves some recognition – especially the extremely sweet and crunchy Japanese white corn!

In view of popular demand, Garibaldi has extended the availability of this dish! Hurry and plan a visit before new creations take over!

with Lady-Finger Biscuits, Chocolate Chips & Mascarpone Cream, Scented with Amaretto Liqueur

All great meals come to an end with delightful desserts and if we’re talking Italian, the timeless and deliciously creamy Tiramisù shan’t be missed. This recipe is a hand-down from Chef Roberto Galetti’s mother, comparable to the ones you’ll find in Italy.

Molten Lava Chocolate Tart
with Vanilla Gelato

Cave in to your chocolate cravings! You’ve tried molten chocolate lava cakes multiple times so why not switch it up with the tart version. But first, get your cameras ready for the gooeyness that flows out of this glorious treat before you devour it. Comes complete with classic vanilla gelato.

Operating for almost 17 years since 2003, Garibaldi’s commitment to maintaining the quality of their food and services earned them the well-deserved Michelin star in June 2017.

We can’t just rely on quality” – Chef Roberto Galetti

Garibaldi’s success is based on their thoughtfulness in serving well-prepared Italian food, executed with explicitness and taste and served with flair, care and attention. All done without fear ─ accepting and adapting to the ever-changing needs from their diners. Their staff works hard to keep a positive attitude, enjoying the work and creating trust between them and the customers, which we believe is the core reason for returning customers.

Amid the dining industry’s fight against the pandemic, Garibaldi has stepped out of a Michelin-starred restaurant’s comfort zone with the launch of their take-away menu. From having the recipes completely changed, relooking at new ways of cooking to studying take-away packaging, their undefeated spirit is awe-inspiring.

At Garibaldi, the team believes that the day after a nice meal tells you more about the establishment than the moment itself and that is their definition of THE GOOD LIFE.


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Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar is located at 36 Purvis Street, #01-02, Singapore 188613. For more information, please visit


Opening Hours

Every day

Lunch 12:00pm – 2:30pm

Dinner 6:30pm – 10:30pm


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