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Mid-Autumn Festival 2019: The Splendour of Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Aug 30 2019 - Blog

The fifteenth day of the eighth month on the lunar calendar marks the day we celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节). A time to get together with your family and friends; a day to enjoy reunions under the cherished moonlight, against the soft glow of lanterns lit by the little ones.

Mid-Autumn Festival Traditions

Out of all the traditions of this festival, the custom of eating and gifting mooncakes no doubt steals the limelight! This baked delicacy is traditionally sliced into pieces equal to the number of members in the family. Even for those who cannot make it home in time, a piece will be reserved for them.

To the Chinese, roundness signifies togetherness and completeness, and a full moon is seen as a symbol of family values — reunion, harmony and happiness. It explains why the round shape of the mooncake has been kept a tradition, passed down from generation to generation.

Sky Premium invites you to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival with Shangri-La Hotel’s exquisite mooncake creations, honourably curated by Executive Chef Mok Kit Keung, the man behind Shang Palace Hong Kong’s second Michelin star. With more than 25 years of experience in curating traditional and innovative flavours, Shangri-La Hotel’s prestigious mooncakes are well-known amongst mooncake lovers and the wider community.

From classic traditional baked mooncakes to the well-loved snowskin to indulgent seasonal treats, you’ll be sure to find something special this festive season.

Making its second appearance as a limited edition Shangri-La’s Signature is Chef Mok’s Hong Kong-style Mini Baked Custard with Bird’s Nest. You’ll delight in the elegance of this generous serving of bird’s nest encased in smooth creamy custard. For the richest flavour, Chef Mok recommends warming this sweet treat slowly in the oven before serving. A once-a-year luxurious indulgence doesn’t sound too bad, right?

Shang Palace Four Treasures

Traditionalists at heart who appreciate the flavour of heritage will love these glorious golden browns. Embodying the mastery of time-honoured techniques and recipes, Shang Palace Four Treasures remains a perennial favourite. Encased in a fine silk satin-covered red jewellery box with embroidered floral patterns, it is perfect as a gift to families, friends and business associates. Each box is packed with four different-flavoured mooncakes in their individual boxes:

• Reduced Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Single Yolk

• Reduced Sugar White Lotus Seed Paste with Double Yolks

• Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham

• Reduced Sugar Plain White Lotus Seed Paste

With Shang Palace Four Treasures, you can enjoy the healthier and guilt-free option of reduced sugar filling while retaining the fragrance of the white lotus seed paste. Savour the quality salty egg yolk that is perfectly hugged within the thin skin of these hand-baked beauties. It is a gem for all generations to enjoy together while we bask in the gentle moonlight.

Mixed Nuts with Chicken Ham (also available in boxes of 4)

A box meant for fans of savoury treats; Shangri-La pampers your taste buds with the mixture of nuts and chicken ham, padding the filling generously for you to enjoy a mouthful of goodness with every bite.

Black Sesame with Taro (New Released)

For those who enjoy the aroma of roasted black sesame and the mild sweetness of taro, this delicious creation is the ideal choice! An original recipe crafted with a twist on traditional mooncake flavours, this enchanting pastry is loaded with a rich nutty roasted flavour along with lotus seeds and cashew nuts for added texture.

Shang Palace Mini Snowskin Mooncakes - 8pc (New Released)

More of a snowskin lover? You’ll be thrilled to learn that this year, Shangri-La Hotel is unveiling two new innovative and refreshing flavours, Kaya Truffle with White Chocolate and Yuzu Sake. Experience multiple layers of unexpected flavours while you take your tongue through each well-chosen ingredient. It’s surprising how much they can pack in this mini piece!

Kaya Truffle with White Chocolate

In case you’re wondering, this is the tea green-coloured mooncake in the photo above! It features Shangri-La Hotel Singapore’s very own kaya, the aromatic local favourite jam paste freshly made in-house with coconut, gula melaka and eggs. Sweet toothers will adore this flavour for its silky smooth kaya that complements the delicate white chocolate shell hidden in the white lotus paste. The reduced sugar keeps the sweetness balanced without getting overwhelming — it just keeps you going back for more!

Yuzu Sake

One of the interesting flavours we are most excited to try! The combination of assorted nuts, white lotus paste and white chocolate infused with fresh yuzu juice and zest is simply lovely. It refreshingly teases your palate with a bright citrus fragrance while keeping things light with the subtle sweetness of sake. If you’re blown off by the first bite, we highly recommend you give it another try!

*Do note that the last online order date with Shangri-La Hotel is 10 September 2019 (Tuesday). Alternatively, walk-in to the Mooncake Specialty Counter at the lobby of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore before 13 September 2019 (Friday), 9am.

Celebrate The Good Life by spending this meaningful festival with your family and friends. With the fragrance of Shangri-La’s mooncakes by your side, forge bonds over moon-gazing, laughter and treasured conversations.

Sky Premium wishes you a flourishing Mid-Autumn Festival ahead.


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