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The Perfect Father’s Day Plan: A Homemade Meal and Thoughtful Gift

Jun 13 2019 - Blog

Father’s Day is around the corner and this year why not plan a special meal for him! A momentous meal you specially took the time and effort to prepare for the silent hero in your life. From your all-time breakfast favourite pancake to well shredded salad to the finest slices of meats, salmon and seafoods for a grilling dinner night, you will surely need the most suitable cooking companion to prepare whatever recipes you have in mind.

Sky Premium have curated a list of 5 must-have equipment from our member exclusive e-store for your personal episode of MasterChef this Father’s Day.

1. Brieto-M11PRO Santoku Knife

Getting your slicing skills right can be one tough job, especially if you are not familiar handling with knives. But when it comes to getting wafer-thin slice of your boneless meats, cheese and seafoods, the Brieto-M11PRO Santoku Knife is a quality choice to begin with. Designed to perform the three virtues – slice, dice and mice -, Brieto-M11PRO is one that delivers its job to handle all your cooking needs while preparing you for the most aesthetic plating.

2. Kawasaki Vegetable Club (VC) Vegetable Peeler VC-060

Reduce your vegetable preparation time with this humble tool. Easily switch between Y-shape (horizontal) or T-shape (straight) peelers to your preference with just a twist of a button! A sharp blade with comfortable grip makes the frustrating task fast and easy just like that.

3. LivE Pizza Plate

For seekers of fluffy, crispy and deliciously evenly baked pizza, this LivE Pizza Plate is a must have! The LivE Pizza Plate is not only restricted to use in ovens but also over your grills. A dream come true if your kitchen does not own an oven. Designed with materials meant for heat to be evenly distributed, it absorbs moisture and oil from the pizza stone ingredients at a moderate rate so that your pizza will burn up crisply. Meaning to share some quality crusty pizza with your pops without waiting for the delivery? Why not bake it yourself and add the toppings you both loves as much as you can stomach!

4. BRUNO Hotplate

Now that you have got your ingredients ready, it’s time to grill them! The BRUNO Hotplate is one of the revolutionary home cooking appliances every household should have. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors use, this compact quick heating hotplate fits the comfort of your dining table perfectly. Designed to create endless possibilities, BRUNO Hotplate comes with different attachments so you can whip up a classic favourite pancake for breakfast, get all warm and cosy over a hearty stew, gather around for a steamboat or meat grilling session and even make crispy Takoyaki with your dad! You will be surprise at how handy this hotplate can be.

5. ON ° C ZONE Freezing Stainless Steel Mug

Every beer-loving father deserves a frosty cold one on his special day. This year, wow him with this mug that chills his beer down to freezing point in just 60 seconds! While you are waiting for your dinner to be smoked, take this chance to catch up and enjoy a cold one together. Laugh over the silly incidents you’ve made your father angry in the past, recount those “remember when…” memories that would make you both smile as you enjoy this joyful moment. 

Imagine the look on his face when he wakes up or comes home to a table filled with dishes cooked by you. This Father’s Day show your dad you care and that your love for him is not any lesser than the love for your mom. For him who deserves nothing but the absolute best, spoil your special man a little more with a thoughtful gift.

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