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Premium Wine & Dine Membership: Here’s Why You Need to Join One

Sep 06 2019 - Blog

In today’s digital age where consumers dine for the sake of gram, it’s safe to say that the competition is no longer about who you know but where you eat.

The Singapore dining scene is a booming industry. Diners are becoming more demanding than ever and being served the chef’s choice of the night doesn’t seem to make the cut anymore. People now crave unique experiences and exclusive privileges; they want to be in the know, get their hands on off-the-menu dishes and gain access to behind-the-scenes scoops.

Instead of scrolling through Google results for new restaurants to visit, one of the better ways to get introduced to affordable and delicious food is by joining the budding trend of dine club membership. Now, what’s so attractive about having a premium wine & dine membership?

As a luxury lifestyle club membership, we’ve met lots of people who appreciate fine food, each with their own explanation about why they joined a dining club. In this article, we list some of their commonly-cited reasons, with the goal of inspiring you to join one as well:

Access to Exclusive Privileges

Club membership don’t merely offer an exclusive space for diners to hang out. We provide exclusive privileges, access to events and deals at restaurants, bars, and many other dining places. Imagine a VIP invitation to a closed-door wine tasting event or the chance to savour world-class cuisine at discounted rates. We connect members to dining places based on their interests and bring them gastronomic experiences that are only possible through a club membership, whether it’s meeting a Michelin-star chef or toasting to their heart’s content on exquisite wine pours.

Invitation to Food and Wine Appreciation Events

For a fixed annual fee or at a discounted price, members also get invited to multicourse dinners and lunches hosted by restaurants. They get a first taste of new dishes that are often yet to be added to the menu while meeting and interacting with the chef as well as fellow savvy diners. Having over 200 brand partners, Sky Premium hosts a series of events celebrating different mouth-watering cuisine — from culinary sessions that use seasonal ingredients to wine-paired dinners that serve regional and craft pours.

Opportunities to Meet Like-Minded People

All these reasons are geared towards meeting people that share similar interests with you. Between formal dinners and wine tasting events, there is a wealth of opportunities to make new friends by being a dine club member. When shared, food has the ability to create a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere that nothing else can. Member-exclusive events guarantee that you’ll meet people who share at least one common interest with you — your love for good food!

The way people dine today is changing and the presence of club memberships give the assurance that their demands are met. Only time will tell how many more will join a club membership but in the meantime, it’s best to get ahead and enjoy the exclusive privileges the club offers — before everyone else does.


Ready to access exclusive dine club membership privileges? Get in touch with Sky Premium today!