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Raise a Toast to Sakura Season Fever With These Special Sakura Sakes!

Apr 06 2021 - Blog

Warmer weather saw an early full bloom for Japan’s Sakura season – but with Sky Premium, the celebration’s only just starting! Celebrate the Sakura season in the comfort of your own home with our wide range of Sakura-themed merchandise, such as Sakura soba, and all types of Sakura snacks.

This week, let’s raise a toast to Sakura sake. If you’re thinking that Sakura sake is just pink in colour with a flowery scent, think again. Some of these sakes are even made with actual Sakura petals. Imagine that! Exquisite sakes are produced with a certain set of yeasts, that has been curated over the years for their top-notch quality. Recently, the Yamaguchi Brewery Association uncovered a new type of yeast that’s perfect for brewing sake – a yeast that’s actually found inside Sakura!

Together with the National Institute of Technology Ube College, this yeast was extracted from the blossoms, and became known as the Yamaguchi Cherry Yeast (“Yamaguchi Sakura Kobo”). This yeast makes the Sakura sake sweeter and more mellow, which appeals to a younger demographic. Sakura sake is also often packaged in smaller bottles, to enable optimum enjoyment during Hanami picnics – which refer to picnics where individuals can lie back and appreciate the Sakura blossoms in their full glory.

Here are some Sakura sakes to check out:

1. Fujinishiki Junmai Shu

One of our coveted Sakura season specials, the Fujinishiki Junmai Shu has a -45 Sake Meter Value (SMV), making it the sweetest tasting of all the sakes featured in this article. With a polishing rate of 65 to 70%, the sake sports a delightful sweet and sour fruitiness. Tasting somewhat like white wine, this sake has a low alcohol content, and is perfect for novice drinkers.

This is also our latest sake release, so get your hands on it before it runs out!

2. Seiun Special Junmai Sakura

The Seiun Special Junmai Sakura is a unique sake that’s brewed with Salmon Musashi, which is a type of rice that originates from Saitama prefecture. Boasting a sweet and refreshing taste, the sake has a polishing rate of 60%, as well as a SMV of 0. Brewed with Sakura Flower Yeast, the sakura has a subtle fragrance of cherry blossoms.

3. Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Junmai

The Dewatsuru Sakura Emaki Junmai is brewed using Ginomi Misao Rice, and has an addictive taste profile that consists of cherry blossoms and tart apples. Created with flower yeast from Kawazu cherry blossoms, the sake is round, silky, and sweet on the palate. With a polishing rate of 65 to 70%, the sake has a SMV of -45.


All the above three sakes are available as bundle sets (Sakura Sake Box C, B, and A respectively), which comprise a bottle of the sake, on top of an elegant sake glass and masu to enjoy it with. All three sakes are also delightfully sweet tasting. Based on their low SMVs, the sakes have a low acidity, which make them easy to pair with any type of food. This doesn’t compromise on their value, however; with high polishing rates of 60 to 70%, the sakes are of nothing but top-notch quality.

And if you’re in the mood for all things Sakura, jazz up your homeware repertoire with these gorgeous Sakura-inspired Kimoto Glass glassware! Founded in Asakusa in 1921, Kimoto Glass is a glass tableware wholesaler that uses traditional Japanese techniques to create elegant and exquisite glass products. Finding the perfect balance between traditional methods and stylish designs, Kimoto Glass’ wares fit effortlessly into today’s modern lifestyle.

Add some aesthetics to your everyday drinking affair with this gorgeous pair of Kimoto Glass Edo Kiriko Cherry Blossom Motif Mini. Adorned with a beautiful Sakura pattern, the glasses are decked out in a light modern colouring.

Similar to the above, this pair of Kimoto Glass Edo Kiriko Cherry Blossom Motif Tumbler are taller – all the better to hold more of your drink with! If you’ve fallen in love with the Kimoto Glass designs, check out more items by them here on our member-exclusive eStore!


What’s more, it’s never too late to learn more – our upcoming Exclusive Spring Edition: Sakura Sake Masterclass, conducted by certified sake sommelier, is happening this April! Grab the chance to taste any of the three sakes mentioned above, and delight in sampling an array of Sakura snacks. This tasting masterclass is only open to invited guests, and Sky Premium members only; but if you’d like to learn how you can attend, it's easy! Drop our Lifestyle team a message at lifestyle [at] today!

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