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Rang Mahal: A Luxurious Indian Fine Dining Experience

Oct 23 2019 - Blog

Aromatic and deeply flavourful, Indian food is well-loved by locals for its exotic punch and spices. Drawn from rich culture and diversity, Indian cuisine goes beyond hot curries and tongue tingles; it involves a whole palette of flavours that enriches your appetite.

If you want to bring your family or business partners to feast on the best of Indian cuisine within a lavish setting with modern flair, Rang Mahal is just the place. From authentic traditional fare to refined dishes of exemplary quality, get ready to shake up your meal repertoire.

Housed within Pan Pacific hotel, this award-winning fine dining restaurant established since 1971 is one of Singapore’s oldest Indian restaurants. Famed for its classy ambience, diners will find comfort in its contemporary setting accented by subtle Indian touches.

Making an unforgettable first impression with a sophisticatedly lighted theatrical entrance.

At lunch on weekdays, you’ll find the area packed with professionally dressed business associates. On weekends, families delight in the Sunday lunch buffet spread featuring regional Indian favourites for both meat lovers and vegetarians. A fresh salad bar counter, live cooking stations and a full dessert line are in place to excite the gourmet’s taste buds.

With such luxurious interior décor, it’s no surprise that couples have requested to host their solemnisation ceremony at this elegant restaurant. Couples can look forward to tying the knot in the lush outdoor area by the restaurant’s side, before adjourning to the 18-seater private room that comes with a cosy sofa area in the corner.

Led by Corporate Chef Milind Sovani and backed by a culinary philosophy of maintaining authentic flavours, Rang Mahal is a trusted place for gastronomic delights. The assembly of freshest ingredients executed with heart and culinary finesse are sure to please your guests at any occasion.

Join the Sky Premium Team in experiencing The Good Life today as we savour Rang Mahal’s luscious Indian courses.

Starter Soup: Tomato Saar

The essence of ayurvedic herb mulethi certainly came through in this classic tomato soup. The recipe was created using liquorice root, noted for its medicinal benefits for digestion and immune-boosting properties. Sweet but light, this vegan-friendly appetiser soothes the throat and is easy on the stomach, keeping guests engaged while they await the upcoming courses.

Non-Vegetarian Starter Platter

Ajwaini Sea Bass Tikka

It’s nice to have some tender flesh on the table to satisfy the meat lovers. Bursting with flavour, the beautiful golden-brown boneless Sea Bass Tikka (left) comes marinated with carom seed, a spice rarely used in other cuisines but very much celebrated in the Indian culinary scene for its unique taste.

Lamb Malmali Seekh Kebab

Atop the artistic swirls that pull this dish together sits the Lamb Malmali Seekh Kebab (right). The slightly spiced mince rolls take this succulent New Zealand premium lamb to a new level. Deliciously addictive, you’ll find yourself reaching for it bite after bite.  

Vegetarian Starter Platter

Beetroot & Young Potato Tikki

Something interesting to be enjoyed if you’re bored of the regular aloo tikki (potato croquette). Revealing its pink flesh beneath the brown crust, this yummy treat was one of our favourites. The ingenious combination of mash beetroot and potatoes makes for a soft, sweet and scrumptious start.

Crispy Poori Stuffed with Moong Beans & Chutneys

A crunchy and refreshing interpretation of the classic Indian street snack. These crispy semolina puffs stuffed with moong beansprouts and chutney spiced water make a delightful confection that offers an explosion of surprise in one bite. The crispy texture of the puff softens at first bite when soaked with the chutney’s juice, much like an Indian version of the Chinese xiao long bao.

Mains: Pan Seared Tiger Prawn, Chilli Konkan Curry | Saffron Pulao

You can’t say you’ve been to an Indian fine dining restaurant without having at least one curry dish, so here’s an ultimate crowd pleaser that tastes as good as its deep red colour looks! The well-balanced combination of the prawn’s buttery taste and the spicy kick you get from the curry excites your taste buds with every mouthful. The dish is perfectly served with saffron pulao to soak up all that curry’s goodness.

Dal Makhni, Crispy Okra & Yoghurt Relish | Tandoori Bread of your Choice

After savouring the curry and rice, it’s time for the naan of your choice and some flavourful condiments. The creamy-rich dal makhni is a dish vegetarians vouch for when having butter naan and rice. Much like the magic of adding ikan bilis to nasi lemak, the dal makhni experience wouldn’t be complete without the crisp okra, the absolute side that layers flavours on your meal.

By now your tongue might be feeling some heat and this is when the yoghurt relish comes into the mix as a palate cooler to relief your taste buds from getting overwhelmed by spices.

À La Carte: Tandoori Duet of White & Green Asparagus

A signature dish by Chef Milind, this fresh white & green asparagus with mustard cheese marinade is unlike any asparagus you’ve tried. Lightly grilled in the tandoor (which explains the slight char) and crunchy yet succulent within, this ridiculously flavoursome dish complements any main.

À La Carte: Impossible™ Gilawat Kebab & Ulta Tava Paratha

The Impossible™ Gilawat Kebab will fool your taste buds with its convincing meat-like texture. But really, these are just plant proteins manufactured and fermented to taste, smell and look exactly or even better than the real deal. This delectable dish well-paired with paratha simply melts in your mouth. It shook our heart to know we could savour the taste of meat while saving the planet… so why not?

Wheat Germ & Barley Kheer Pudding | Gulab Jamun

Chef Milind constantly challenges himself to come up with innovative dishes using healthier ingredients. One great example is this enticing dessert that features barley and wheat germ – both packed with properties that aid digestion and boost the immune system. With a milky texture and barley to munch on, it makes a nourishing dessert for both kids and adults.

The combination of impeccable service, healthy and delectable fare in a posh setting is what we believe to be Rang Mahal’s charm.

Boasting signatures like Tandoori Fondue, Butter Chicken Bao and Gulab Jamun Flambé that bring you the best cuisines from regions all around India, you can only expect the finest from the restaurant’s legacy of gastronomic excellence.


Rang Mahal is located at Level 3, Pan Pacific Singapore, 7 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039595.

Find out what Rang Mahal has to offer at

For reservations and enquiries, call +65 6333 1788 or email to rangmahal [at]

Opening Hours


12pm to 2.30pm (closed on Saturdays)

Last order at 2:15pm


6.30pm to 10.30pm

Last order at 10:15pm


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