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Sakegria: Raise Your Glass to This Refreshing Fusion!

Aug 31 2020 - Blog

In the mood for a glass of fruity cocktail that tastes closer to home? Discover sakegria, the delightful fusion of fruit + sake! This exciting beverage adds a Japanese twist to the well-loved Spanish sangria.

What Is Sangria?

Sangria is an alcoholic drink originally from Spain and Portugal. It is traditionally made with red wine as a base, along with different types of chopped fruit such as peaches, berries, apples and oranges, depending on the recipe. Some additional features include brandy, sparkling water or carbonated drinks.

As a punch, sangria is always made fresh to ensure the best flavours of the fruit. It can be drunk hot or cold, according to your preference.

Sangria’s popularity has surged across international borders, with bars all over the world creating their unique styles. Many fruity wine lovers even mix their own flavours at home! Of these, one interesting rendition is the Japanese sakegria.

Sakegria: The Japanese Answer to Sangria

The Japanese sakegria is a beautiful mix of delicious fruit and sake. With the bountiful fall harvest, it was only natural to combine the season’s best fruits with quality sake for a fresh and zesty concoction. The fruit infusions range from yuzu to figs (ichijiku), persimmons (kaki), mandarins (mikan) and many more… as far as your imagination takes you!

Best paired with seafood, spicy food and nutty or savoury biscuits, sakegria is ideal for a lavish home-cooked meal.

Discover Sanguine Harvest: Signature Sakegria by Sky Premium

Enjoy this refreshing union of quality yuzu sake infused with seasonal Japanese fruits – melons, grapes, apples and more! The fruits’ sweetness and acidity blends artfully with the sake to create a gentle, alluring aroma.

Celebrate the Good Life today by sipping a glass of quality sakegria made with premium sake and fruits from Sky Premium’s exclusive eStore. Here are more details of what’s included.

Karen Na Yuzu (Shiga) Kinteki

This extravagant yuzu sake is refreshing with every sip! Using the sweetest yuzu from Shikoku, the Karen Na Yuzu sake is a great fit for our hot Singapore weather. Each bottle contains approximately seven premium quality yuzu fruits.

Low pressure is used to gently extract the pure and revitalizing flavour of yuzu while leaving out the bitterness. The extract is then combined with 100% Omi rice sake to cultivate a luxurious and rich yuzu sake.

It is best served on its own or over ice for cooling off in the hot weather.

Harvest of the Season (Fruit Set)

Let our Harvest of the Season delight you with an array of in-season premium fruit selections freshly flown from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market! From spring berries, summer stone fruits to fall pears and winter citruses, this delicious fruit set makes the sweetest surprise for you and your loved ones.

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