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Sky Premium Catamaran Event 2019

Dec 02 2019 - Events

Step aboard The Good Life with Sky Premium as we embrace the warmth of the sun and catch a whiff of ocean breeze! Our team was delighted to host members and guests at our private catamaran event where everyone enjoyed a blissful escape from the city bustle.

Excitement tingled in the air as our ambassadors Tan Min-Li and Allan Wu graced the event with their presence. We were in for a luxurious day of fun and indulgence!

Our guests revelled in fresh sashimi and luxury fruits flown directly from Japan’s renowned Toyosu Market. Rivalling that of a fancy restaurant was the succulent fare thoughtfully prepared by Chef Iwasaki from Tomi Sushi.

Taking centre stage was the opulent spread of high grade uni and fresh ikura. Just look at the glistening translucent spheres of ikura bursting with rich umami flavour—it’s no wonder they are known as the jewels of the sea.

Exploding with juice in every bite, the charming sweet aroma of our musk melon was one of the hits of the night.

We ended the evening with a dazzling view of fireworks display across the bay. A heartfelt thank-you to everyone for making this an unforgettable experience. We look forward to hosting you again!


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