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Sky Premium: Here's What You Get When You Join Our VIP Lifestyle Membership Club

Apr 10 2019 - Blog

Your life can change for the better, all thanks to the power of one card. Sign up for a Sky Premium VIP lifestyle membership card. Sky Premium International seeks to provide our members in Singapore and Japan with luxurious benefits that cover travel services, shopping, dining, and a lot more.

Our VIP lifestyle membership club grants members exclusive access to various services across the globe. Once you join the club, you get to enjoy the premium benefits Sky Premium has to offer across the Four Pillars of Good Living — Travel, Wine & Dine, Shopping, and Wellness.

What to Expect as a VIP

If you’re part of our lifestyle membership club, a wealth of rewards and privileges await you. One of these is access to our eStore. Here, you can purchase limited and seasonal fashion merchandise from our growing catalogue at amazing prices. You can also purchase quality imported goods at wholesale prices including food and alcoholic beverages from internationally-known brands.

As a member of Sky Premium, expect to be in our guest list for a lineup of events that are limited to members and accessible only by invites. You can also participate in cuisine workshops, fashion shows and private parties, all of which are hosted at deluxe venues.

The Four Pillars of Good Living

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up to be part of our luxury membership club.


Experience the ease and breeze of stress-free living while you’re travelling with access to exclusive offers from Sky Premium. Our membership gives you the benefit of travelling without hassle by providing choice amenities, privilege stay rates and extended check-out times. As a VIP member, you also gain access to promotions and discounts at hotels, cruises and other travel services.

Wine & Dine

Excite your appetite with Sky Premium’s VIP access to select dishes and meals. Partake in fine dining deals and taste a wide range of vintage wine and delicious treats. You can savour the world’s best dishes as long as you’re part of our VIP lifestyle membership club.


Get the best deals from the most upscale brands in the market. You can finally achieve the dream of filling up your wardrobe with stylish and unique merchandise from coveted brands. With Sky Premium, you can purchase limited-edition and hard-to-find skincare, fragrance, fashion and lifestyle products at special discounted prices.


In addition to all these, our membership club provides you with exclusive wellness services and products from our brand partners. You can participate in a wide range of spa activities, exercise to your fullest at high-end gyms and get treated at renowned medical centres.

If living The Good Life is your kind of adventure, our luxury membership club guarantees a splendid lifestyle curated for you. Get in touch with us today to discover what we have to offer!

When you join Sky Premium, we promise to provide you with only our best handpicked recommendations – available all year round, all with one card.

Discover the treasures that await you, apply for a Sky Premium membership today!