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Sky Premium's Stay-Home Survival Guide

Jun 01 2021 - Blog

The latest Phase 2: Heightened Alert in Singapore saw the curbing of most social activities. With working from home becoming the default, many of us have been stuck at home. To prevent cabin fever, make the best out of your stay-home episode with tips from this quick Stay-Home Survival Guide. Just because were stuck at home, it doesnt mean that we have to forgo our wellness, health, and style!

1. Dig into exceptional takeaway meals prepared by gourmet restaurants


When the measures for the heightened alert were announced, the first thing that hit us was the realisation that we can no longer dine out at our favourite eateries. Luckily, several gourmet restaurants started to offer islandwide delivery and takeaway options, with TANOKE being one of them.

For days when you feel too tired to cook for the family, indulge in TANOKE’s Japanese binchotan grilled specialties and amazing sake. Their takeaway menu also offers set menus for couples and families. Orders $50 and above also enjoy free islandwide delivery.


Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar

Since Covid-19 landed on our shores in early 2020, many of us have not travelled out of Singapore. Do you find yourself missing Europe, and the continent’s mouthwatering regional cuisines?

Italian cuisine is always a good idea for an outstanding family meal; and with Garibaldi, you won’t go wrong. This Michelin-starred joint serves up an exquisite menu of delectable and authentic Italian fare, prepared with the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy. You don’t even have to step out of your house for a fantastic Italian feast – you can simply opt for their free islandwide delivery!

Specially for Sky Premium’s members, we’ve curated a list of Wine & Dine restaurants for them to enjoy added exclusive takeaway benefits!

2. Don’t isolate yourself, (virtually) keep up with your social connections

Being stuck at home, we can sometimes withdraw ourselves from society. However, social interactions are vital for our mental well-being. It’s important to interact with other people and stay connected with your friends and family.

Set aside some time to schedule regular meet-up sessions with your inner circle via ZOOM. Or if you are up for something new, grab a buddy and join a Sky Premium virtual social event. Lounge back in the comforts of your own home with a glass of cold bubbly and put laughter back into your life with a virtual Champagne Comedy Night. Alternatively, indulge your senses in a food pairing experience with a virtual Oyster and White Wine Night.

Just a heads up, there are plenty of other events curated by Sky Premium coming your way! These events are exclusive to Sky Premium members and are by-invite only. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram pages for more exciting updates.


3. Try something new, like creating a new culinary dish

Being cooped up at home means that we have plenty of time to become the next Master Chef, especially with your family acting as a panel of supportive judges. Whip up extraordinary dishes with fresh seasonal produce flown in directly from Tokyo’s Toyosu Market. Find carefully handpicked fresh seafood, as well as specialty fruits and vegetables of the highest grade, from prized Japanese suppliers – perfect to conjure up a luxurious meal for your family.

4. Load up on your vitamins

With the global pandemic raging on, it is best to keep your body and immune system in good condition. On top of a regular exercise routine, replenish your body’s minerals, and hydrate with some luxury tomato juice. Filled with antioxidants, vitamin B & C, as well as potassium to improve your overall health, tomato juice also reduces the risk of heart diseases and cancer. It comes in a set of 5 small bottles, making it perfect as a gift.


5. Nurture relationships by sending a care package to your inner circle

Despite not being able to meet up with our loved ones, friends, or business associates, nurture your social connections, and consider sending them a thoughtful loving gift.

Send them the gift of great health, and the taste of seasonality with a premium basket of in-season Japanese fruits. Unlike the usual fruit basket, the Harvest of the Season contains fresh seasonal fruits flown in directly from Japan’s Toyosu Market. Japanese fruit growing is a serious business in Japan and must adhere to strict standards. This makes their fruits not only bigger, sweeter, and juicier, but also much tastier. It is hence of no surprise that fruits are often treated as luxurious gifts in Japan!

6. Unwind with a Sakegria evening

Being stuck at home can be stressful with little personal space. Ease off the tension and keep things lightheartedly fun with your loved ones! Concoct an experimental cocktail such as the Sakegria, a delightful twist to the Spanish Sangria featuring Japanese seasonal fruits from Harvest of the Season and Karen Na Yuzu sake. Refreshing and zesty, this cocktail will also pair well with a lavish home-cooked meal.

7. Make quality sleep a priority

The global pandemic has brought a lot of uncertainty into our lives, and we find ourselves being constantly flooded with Covid-19 news. Plus, working from home can also mean working longer hours, especially as we struggle to draw the line between work and home. All these might end up leaving many feeling heavy-hearted and overwhelmed.

Now more than ever, it is important to learn how to give yourself a break to protect your mental wellness. Practice some self-care, and learn to let go of your worries. Rest is crucial for us to recharge and improve our overall productivity.

Don’t compromise on quality sleep with SOVA Silk’s Beauty Sleep Set! This luxurious sleep set is made from pure mulbury silk, which can also help your skin retain moisture. With a silky-smooth pillow sheet, eye mask, headband, scrunchie, and a relaxing aromatherapy candle, you might just sink into the best sleep that you will ever have.


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