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Spill the Tea: Here’s How to Jazz Up Your Usual Coffee & Tea Experience

Oct 26 2020 - Blog

The Autumn Equinox is upon us, and there’s no better time to celebrate everything there is to know about food and drink! This week, join us as we drink to our favourite morning pick-me-ups, and indulge in the finest coffee and teas on the market.

Take a deep breath, and inhale that tantalising aroma. There’s nothing quite like having a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, and letting the warmth seep into every cell of your body. Not just any beverage will do, mind you; indeed, it’s said that good days start with a good cup of coffee or tea.

And we mean good in every sense of the word – why not pamper yourself with the best of the best? The art of savouring a good coffee or tea boils down to the quality of the beans or leaves used, or even distils down to the type of kitchenware used to prepare the cup. In fact, you can even choose to take it up a notch by indulging in specialty tea or coffees.

Thankfully, we’ve got just the thing! Start your day on the right note with these coffees and teas – available on Sky Premium’s exclusive eStore:

1. Shake Coffee

Do something different with Shake Coffee, a homegrown brand that combines both coffee and cocktails. Go all out with the ‘Adventurous Bundle of 9’, a bunch of coffee cocktails that boast quirky names such as Black King, Millennial Breakfast, ‘Spro Fashioned, Momo Moments, and more. Ingredients such as avocado puree are mixed with liquors such as rum and vermouth – these unique concoctions might sound a little jarring but trust us, it works!

If you prefer to veer on the safe side, take your pick from the White Cold Brew Coffee Lover, Cold Brew Mocha Lover, Black Coffee Lover; or even the Coffee or Tea Lover. Coffee flavours include white cold brews, black cold brews, cold brew mochas and more; tea flavours comprise matcha and jasmine. And if you aren’t a fan of coffee, the Non-Coffee Bundle might be just up your alley.

2. Craft & Culture

Everything about Craft & Culture is exclusive and handmade. Specialising in kombucha, Craft & Culture seeks to promote a lifestyle that revolves around eating better, eating healthier, and living well. Kombucha is a fermented and sweetened black or green tea drink, which Craft & Culture makes in small batches by hand.

Kombuchas offer a slew of health benefits as well, such as maintaining skin health, regulating blood PH levels, detoxifying the liver, boosting energy levels and more. Get down to basics with the set of ten kombuchas, which includes two each of the original black tea, ginger-chia black tea, rose-chia black tea, lychee black tea, and seasonal flavour black tea.

Alternatively, try the set of ten milk kefirs, which comprises a fermented milk drink originating from the north Caucasus Mountains. Tasting much like greek yogurt, the milk kefirs is said to have 20 or 30 times more health benefits! Flavours include original, blueberry, rose and seasonal.

3. Made Cold

“Made locally, Made with quality. Made well.” – or so goes the motto of Made Cold, which manufactures a range of premium cold brew products and beverages. Made with freshly roasted beans brewed over a prolonged period of time, their cold brews are of top-notch quality. They’re the result of one-of-a-kind recipes, which use natural and simple ingredients! In addition, Made Cold’s products are without any artificial flavourings, and contain no more than 3% sugar.

Take your pick from three flavours – ‘People’s Choice’, ‘Hojicha’ and ‘Breaking Ground’. ‘Breaking Ground’ is made from filtering clean water through a freshly roasted blend of Brazil and Sumatra coffee beans; the ‘People’s Choice’ adds milk and sugar to the Breaking Ground Coffee’ and the Hojicha offers hints of caramel on top of the creamy flavour of a sweet Japanese green tea. Spoilt for choice? Try them all with the assorted pack of eight.


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