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Toyosu Fish Market: 5 Premium Japanese Fruits You Must Try

Aug 05 2019 - Blog

Luxury fruits are an emblematic feature of Japan, renowned for producing some of the finest fruits on earth. Perfect as gifts for housewarming, business meetings or simply a close-knit gathering with family and friends, these juicy delicacies have found their way into the hearts of Singaporeans.  

The great news is, you no longer have to fly over to Japan or go through hassle to get your hands on these delightful fruits. Sky Premium makes it possible for our members to experience The Good Life by flying in seasonal premium fruits fresh from Toyosu Market. This world-famous market is the successor to Tokyo’s iconic Tsukiji Fish Market — now at twice the size!

As we welcome the second half of the year, this is the best season to enjoy thirst-quenching fruits so here’s a list of 5 premium Japanese fruits to pamper your taste buds!

1. Kyoho Grapes

Arguably known as the “King of Grapes”, Kyoho belongs to one of the most popular slip-skin grape varieties. Its blackish-purple skin easily separates from the fruit, revealing large and juicy flesh that lives up to its Japanese name, which means “giant mountain”. Its bewildering how the Kyoho grapes gives you a burst of rich wine flavour when bite into one.

With superior quality that never disappoints, the production of Kyoho grapes is strictly monitored to ensure optimal sweetness. Each cluster comes with 30-35 grapes, weighing between 400g to 450g, while perfectly balancing shape, sourness, size and low acidity. It’s said that the darker the grapes, the sweeter its translucent green flesh!

Traditionally served peeled as dessert, top off your favourite parfait or cake with this luxurious fruit or simply savour it fresh from the stem. 

2. Pear

Addictively delicious, Japanese pear is prized for having just the right amount of juicy sweetness, almost thirst-quenching and refreshingly cool. The excellent quality of this pear gives it a clean and crispy crunch. Bite down to a mouthful of this summertime’s best companion!

3. Mango

Japanese Mango are like an edible work of art beautifully famed for their aesthetic appearance. Given the hours of nurturing poured into its production, the fruit of this labour is certainly rewarding; a uniform ruby-red appearance, palm-sized huge and impeccable sweetness. Soft and extremely juicy, they practically melt in your mouth!

4. Peach

One of the best summer enjoyments we can have is coming home to a piece of chilled luscious Japanese momo (peach). Heavenly-scented with tender white flesh and refreshing juice that trickles down your throat, this premium grade peach boasts of its distinguishable sweetness.

The elegant pink heart-shaped appearance of these Japanese peaches makes them lovely for a lavish gift to impress your loved ones.

5. Shine Muscat

Grape-lovers are bound to be hooked by the natural sweetness, low acidity, crunchy and candy-like texture of Shine Muscat grapes. A premium variety that has become one of the leading choices among consumers worldwide after its official registration in 2006. Mesmerizing many with its smooth glossy cylindrical appearance, the popularity of these bright jade bunch is comparable to that of the Kyoho grapes.

Specially grown in greenhouses with hi-tech cultivation methods and a long harvesting time of approximately 3 years, it’s no surprise how Shine Muscat grapes are rather exclusive. Savour these fleshy seedless beauties in their skin and allow its distinct light aroma to spread in your mouth.

Revolutionise this season with the charming aroma of these delectable fruits, exploding with juice in every bite. Serve them as a delightful treat or meld them with scoops of ice-cream and yogurts – the ways to enjoy are endless!

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