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The Ultimate Age Reversal with EGA Juice Clinic

Jul 12 2021 - Blog

In this day and age, people are becoming more conscious of healthy living (at least we’re quick at googling for health tips!). After all, who doesn’t want to feel younger, more energetic and spend less time at the doctor’s?

But did you know that on top of slowing down the physical signs of ageing, there is a way to actively reverse our metabolic age?

(Metabolic age refers to the amount of energy expressed in calories that a person needs to keep the body functioning at rest.)

In this article, let us introduce you to the traditional detox method of Ayurvedic cleanse by EGA Juice Clinic.

Image shown: One-Day Juice Cleanse for Kapha Body Type

EGA Juice Clinic is a brand born out of the co-founder, Sumit Nanda’s personal life-changing experience with Ayurvedic cleanse.

From someone who was regularly sick and combatted various health issues despite regular exercise – such as diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies and irregular sleep schedule – he has since lost 30kg and is now free from medication for more than 8 years and running.

“Since my encounter with Ayurvedic cleanse, I have never fallen sick and all my parameters are in normal range. My sleep quality and energy levels are same as my teenage days and I wake up feeling refreshed every morning!”

Join us as we chat with Sumit Nanda, co-founder & Managing Director of EGA Juice Clinic, and discover how you too can “reverse your age” through Ayurvedic Juice Cleanse.

What inspired you to establish EGA Juice Clinic?

When I first met Dr Ratheesh, a certified doctor and an Ayurveda practitioner for nearly 10 years, he touched my pulse and told me that my metabolism was very slow and equivalent to the metabolic age of a 65-year-old – which was a big shock to the then 40-year-old me!

Dr Ratheesh assured that it was possible to reverse the metabolic age through internal cleansing of our digestive organs, diet and lifestyle, and this was how it all began.

In merely 30 days of detox, I experienced the benefits of Ayurveda and the idea to advocate this knowledge stuck as a mission for me. The mission to live a disease-free life using food as medicine.

So, I teamed up with Dr Ratheesh to create a brand that could signify the concept of age reversal, and that was how the reverse spelling “EGA” was established.

How did the public respond to your products when your company first launched in 2016?

We were sold out from day one! All the products made were sold within hours and we knew that we needed a bigger place to keep up with the customers’ orders. We had people queueing outside our outlets before we opened at 7.30am and waiting to get their daily dose of our fresh immunity booster shot with turmeric.

Soon, we took a second store with a much bigger kitchen to accommodate the orders.

What makes EGA Juice Clinic’s products different from other juice cleanses?

The biggest difference is that we apply the knowledge of Ayurveda in our juice cleanse ─ we don’t mix random fruits and give it to everyone. Ayurveda talks of an individual balance of space, air, fire, water and earth within each body construct.

We maintain this balance through our diet based on the three main Ayurvedic body types – VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA – which can further differ into combination types, rounding to a total of seven Ayurvedic body types.  

The fruit combinations are very important as certain fruits are “heating” for the body and certain fruits are “colliding” for the body. It is this knowledge that we put behind each juice cleanse that delivers the health benefits to our customers.

For instance, people with PITTA and KAPHA body types may be advised against consuming sour flavours whilst sour flavours are recommended for those with VATA body type.

Keen to explore what Ayurvedic body type you belong to? Visit any of their outlets to take the quiz on the spot!

As a practitioner of Ayurvedic Juice Cleanse who has experienced its benefits, how would you address the concerns of those who dismiss juice cleansing as a fad?

The world is talking about the health benefits of fasting. Just a few years ago, a Japanese professor, Yoshinori Ohsumi, won the Nobel Prize in Medicine for his research on the benefits of fasting.

Juice fasting is in fact the same as water fasting, with the fibre of the ingredients all left out and the nutrients and raw enzymes squeezed in a cold-pressed machine. During consumption, the body gets complete rest from digestion and the energy is utilised towards cleansing and repairing the body.

If you feel sceptical about this method, my advice for you is to try a one-day juice cleanse and experience how light and energetic your body would feel.

What are some of your most sought-after products/services?

The most sought-after product is our freshly made power shot Natural Immunobooster with turmeric, ginger, amla, lemon and Himalayan salt!

We also do have a lot of customers opting for the Ayurveda pulse reading services with a detox programme targeting diet and lifestyle changes. People look to our professionals to prescribe a diet and lifestyle advice tailored to their body type!

How long would you recommend your customers to be on juice cleansing to experience its benefits to the fullest?

We recommend starting with a three-day juice fasting to kickstart the process and experience its immediate results. To sustain the effects, continue with one-day juice fasting every week on a long-term basis.


What does “Living THE GOOD LIFE” mean to you?

We are working on a mission for everyone to lead a disease-free life by adopting “food as medicine” – a vision where no one ever needs to visit the hospital.

With good health, we can enjoy great food without restrictions and travel even when we are older. Why do we have to suffer as we age? It is very difficult to reverse the conditions when we become older. The only way to keep being in good health is to start young and maintain a discipline in life.

Since we live in a food paradise with many temptations not limited to processed foods, the easiest way to balance out is fasting for one day every week. This simple routine can take care of at least 60 – 70% of health issues in the long run.

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