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Usher in the New Year with a Luxurious Feast!

Dec 28 2020 - Blog

The year is finally coming to an end, and what better way to celebrate than by kicking off the festive season with a bang? Take a deep breath, the party is about to begin; say hello to an entire month of yacht-cations, festive menus, gift ideas, and more!

2020 is coming to an end, can you believe it? Think of this year not as a year of missed opportunities, but as a year where we all had the opportunity to slow down, take a breather, as well as reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones.

Even better news, Phase 3 is starting from 28th December onwards! This means that households can have an increased number of eight guests (versus the previous five), with up to eight persons for social gatherings at any one point of time. On top of taking the necessary precautions, why not usher in the new year by having an intimate – yet luxurious! – New Year’s Eve house party with your loved ones?

Here are some festive menu items that might just fit the bill:

1. Champagne from Champagne AYALA

Raise a toast to the new year with Champagne Ayala’s exclusive range of bubbly. During the 1920s, Champagne AYALA produced over a million bottles per year – imagine that! Besides being the official supplier to the royal courts of England and Spain, Champagne Ayala has managed to expand its reach gloriously, all whilst staying true to its humble family roots.

Sip on the crème de la crème with the Ayala Rose Majeur, which is said to be the ‘perfect embodiment of the originality and finesse of the House’s wines’. Coloured a lovely salmon-pink hue, the champagne is refined and elegant. Embodying intoxicating spiced aromas of red berries, peaches, and candied orange, it has a long finish with a delicate feminine touch.

2. Red & White Wines from Crystal Wine

The Wonderful Pinot Noir Experience

Indulge in the ‘Wonderful Pinot Noir Experience’, a specially curated gift bundle containing two bottles of Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is a red wine grape variety that’s favoured around the world, with complex flavours that enhance with ageing.

The first bottle is handpicked by Crystal Wine's sommelier, comprising the Chateau de Laborde Cuvee h Pinot Noir 2015. Hailing from Burgundy in France, the bottle is made with 100% Pinot Noir grape varietal, with the grapes being handpicked and destemmed after sorting. The wine is aged in oak barrels, with aromas of black cherry, sarawak pepper notes, and smooth oriental spices on the nose. The wine is also silky on the palate, with a good balance of acidity and tannins.

The second bottle comes from the Central Otago region of New Zealand, comprising Misha’s Vineyard the High Note Pinot Noir 2017. Catch a whiff of chocolate, dark plum, and mushroom scents, on top of a palate of sweeter fruit flavours. Notes of herb and oak spice complete the flavour profile, which is enhanced by supple and silky tannins.

The Best of Italy White Wine

Mention Italy, and white wine probably comes to mind. Especially known for Prosecco and Pinot Grogio from the Veneto region, Italy’s white wines are a delight when paired with food like seafood and pasta. The ‘Best of Italy White Wine’ is a special bundle that allows you to sample what we think are the best of the lot.

Start with the Ceretto Langhe Arneis Blange 2018, which is made with the Arnesis grape varietal that’s planted in the ‘Blange’ vineyard on the hillsides of Vezza d’Alba. Gentle on the palate, the wine emits a tempting aroma of apple blossoms, almonds, beeswax, and pears. Next, sample the Tasca D’Amerita Grillo Cavallo Delle Fate 2019 – also the sommelier’s pick! – which originates from Grillo, an ancient white Italian grape variety. Made by blending Moscato and Catarratto, the wine offers elegant hints of wildflowers and fresh fruits on the nose.

The Torresella Pinot Grigio 2018 is on the drier side, with aromas of delicate florals, citrus, and cut pear. With a clean and crisp finish, the wine functions excellently as an aperitif. Finish on a strong note with the Zenato Pinot Grigio dop Della Venezie 2019, which tastes of pears and apples, with delicate hints of citrus.

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And you know what else goes great with white wine? Oysters, of course!

3. Oysters from The Oyster Cart

Add a touch of finesse to your festive gathering with this Oyster box from The Oyster Cart. A mobile oyster bar and leading purveyor of on-site oyster shucking services since 2013, The Oyster Cart cleans each oyster without the use of water. Each oyster is shucked by a skilled oyster connoisseur, before being packed with ice in a thermal gift box. Their Oyster Box contains 24 seasonal best oysters for the ultimate indulgence – we won’t blame you for being shell-fish and wanting all the entire box for yourself!

If you’re feeling generous, however, the oyster box is the perfect accompaniment for white wine. Plump, juicy and impeccably fresh, the oysters encompass diverse taste profiles that range from sweet to briny.

In fact, why not go all out with this upsized Oyster Box containing 48 fine oysters? You won’t regret it!

4. Clams and Mussels Freshly Flown from Toyosu Market

There’s nothing more satisfying than digging into a home-cooked meal. If you’re looking to whip up a seafood feast, we’ve got just what you need. Be spoilt for choice with Hamaguri Clams, Asari Clams, or Mussels – all of which are freshly flown in directly from Toyosu Market!

100% nurtured and produced in Japan, Hamaguri Clams are also known as Common Orient Clams or Hard Clams. Boasting a savoury-sweet flavour, the clams are succulent and plump. The Asari Clams are reminiscent of the ocean, with a lingering sweetness and chewy texture. These clams don’t just taste good, they also come with a range of health benefits! Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins, these little clams even pack a punch with cancer-preventing properties.

Boost your health further with Mussels, which help to maintain overall health, strengthen the immune system, fortify bone, heal injuries, build muscle, and more! Even better, they’re also a fantastic source of iron, and are low in fat content.

5. Truffles

Black Winter Truffles

The truffle craze is still upon us; indeed, how can anyone resist the aroma and taste of some finely shaved truffle? Bring the truffle experience to your very own home kitchen with these wonderful Black Winter Truffles, which are highly favoured by food connoisseurs and leading restaurants.

Having a complex chocolate aroma, these Black Winter Truffles are best enjoyed when finely sliced or shaved. Use them as a garnish, add them to a sauce, or sauté them in a light truffle oil or butter – it’s entirely up to you!

Truffle condiments

If, however, you prefer a more subtle truffle taste, you might fare better with these truffle condiments. Add some pizazz to your pastas or risottos with Truffle-Flavoured Olive Oil, which offers earthy notes and an enticing aroma.

The Butter and White Truffle Seasoning is made by preserving fresh truffles, which are then mixed with melted butter. This results in a sweet white truffle-infused butter and cream base, which is covered with a layer of foam. For something a little more robust, the Black Truffle Sauce combines black summer truffles, meadow mushrooms, olives, as well as sunflower and Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Rabitti, Sky Premium’s dedicated partner, also offers a wide range of delicious truffle products. Check out their decadent Truffle Cream, an epicurean spread made from white truffles. It’s so good, you might even find yourself eating it straight out of the jar! Their Black Truffle Slices in Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is another absolute treat, which goes well with any type of dish.


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