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Whiskey: The Water of Life

Aug 17 2020 - Blog

The word “whiskey” comes from the Gaelic word “uisce” (pronounced wish-ga). This means “water” and “beatha” (pronounced bah-ha), which means “life”, also “water of life”.

Today, this drink is highly celebrated in different forms – i.e. bourbon, rye, malt, grain, single pot still and blended. You would never have guessed that they were originally used for medicinal purpose by Irish monks back in the 15th century, when the process of ageing whiskeys in barrels (for better taste) have yet to be discovered. 

If you are completely new to this “gentleman’s drink”, read on as Sky Premium introduces you to the world of Japanese whisky and some of our favourite picks (including Western varieties)!

Spelled without the “e”, Japanese whisky is a modest model of Scottish malt whiskies that has successfully skyrocketed its demand over the last five to six years.

Unlike the intense and smoky flavour that western whiskey lovers are familiar with, Japanese whisky is mellower and delicate on the palate with plenty of character – such as floral or fruity notes. The artful mastery of blending performed by Japanese distilleries is what edges out Western dominance in the market. Plus, Japanese whisky makes a friendlier food pairing!

Sky Premium’s Top Four Whiskey Picks

1. Suntory Old Japanese Whisky

Suntory Old Whisky is a popular release from Japan which was first produced in the 1940s. It’s been one of the most prestigious blended malt whiskies to come out of the country until the 1980s.

This well-balanced, silky smooth and clean blend makes an exquisite Japanese sipping whisky for a good nightcap.

2. The Senju Japanese Whisky

The Senju Shirabyoushi is a blend of 3- to 12-year-old whiskies brewed and distilled in the Shizuoka prefecture.

This unique brew uses imported Scottish grains and wheat brewed in bourbon barrels that are shipped over the United States. With mineral water from the Tenryu River originating from Mount Fuji, the alcohol content is reduced to 37% naturally to achieve the smoothness of this liquor.

This clear gold amber liquor brings with it a delicate scent of vanilla, caramel, floral, hazelnut, oak, honey, and mint mixed with fruity notes of plums and strawberries.

On the palate, the first smooth sip presents an instant mix of plums and strawberries with a sweet and comfortable taste. The flavour then deepens with the sweetness of vanilla pods and caramel. With some astringency, the aftertaste reminisces the oak barrels that the whisky is aged in with lingering strawberry fragrance.

3. Glenburgie Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Discover a new experience with Ballantine's smooth and creamy award-winning 11-year-old whisky.

The Glenburgie Single Malt forms the heart of a Ballantine's blend, delivering concentrated fruitiness and honeyed sweetness. Perfectly balanced with aromas of soft red apple and pear, this whisky has a full and velvety texture and a long, round finish.

4. Single Cask Barrel-Aged Moonshine by Melbourne Moonshine

The Melbourne Moonshine Single Cask series is an expression of dedication to taking things a little bit slower and making things that bit more special.

The first barrels to be released from this series have been ageing for over 14 months. Rich oak, vanilla bean, caramel and hints of pepper lie behind this whiskey's alluring recipe.


There are countless ways to enjoy whiskey apart from having it neat or on the rocks. We can also have it as shots, mixing it with water, coke, ginger ale or in a cocktail!

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